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The annual tradition continues!! In today's YIAY, I asked you to spook up my twitter profile picture in 31 ways - one for every day of October! Please watch with an adult, it gets very spooky. And keep your diaper on.

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  1. jacksfilms


    17 dagen geleden

    Get your dang TOUR TIX so I can humiliate you onstage!! jacksfilmslive.com/

    • Clear Contentment

      Clear Contentment

      9 dagen geleden

      Can’t we play the price is right instead

    • thejunkman


      12 dagen geleden

      Discriminating against potential audience members I see with the live shows.

    • Haybale_melon


      12 dagen geleden

      I’m not American though

    • Guy With A Face

      Guy With A Face

      12 dagen geleden

      Jack keep watching Jojo, Part 1 isn't great and it gets better but don't skip it, you'll need it for lore.

    • Landix Entertainment

      Landix Entertainment

      13 dagen geleden

      It’s like the ultimate sh tpost

  2. Izzy Barwick

    Izzy Barwick

    7 uur geleden

    6:03 I think it was meant to be blood in a glass, not red wine ? Idk tho

  3. cult free

    cult free

    12 uur geleden

    oh look new NFT

  4. brigit1222


    12 uur geleden

    Yiay’s are getting long They’re supposed to be 5 mins That’s really spooky

  5. Lilhavoc 04

    Lilhavoc 04

    15 uur geleden

    Indiana never gets any love.

  6. Vmoz


    21 uur geleden

    Your Mama with me☺️

  7. Rick Astley

    Rick Astley

    Dag geleden

    20:50 thats another one for the arg someone decode that

  8. Luke Hartley

    Luke Hartley

    Dag geleden

    Wait did you intend for the spook me up when September ends joke and I'm just now getting it, or is that a great coincidence

  9. shivviee


    Dag geleden

    I died at "I love Fred"

  10. dat damndog

    dat damndog

    Dag geleden

    #yiayhate adult animation looks beautifull!

  11. Cute Ananas

    Cute Ananas

    Dag geleden

    We still dab right

  12. Faisal Bhatti

    Faisal Bhatti

    2 dagen geleden

    “It’s actually “think Mark think” in the comics so that’s why

  13. Faisal Bhatti

    Faisal Bhatti

    2 dagen geleden

    Family tradition

  14. Duffy 11

    Duffy 11

    2 dagen geleden

    Where is the squid

  15. AdoQhina


    3 dagen geleden


  16. It’s rat time it’s rat time

    It’s rat time it’s rat time

    3 dagen geleden

    The amount that this man would look exactly like Jeff be is if he was bald is undeniable

  17. dumb dummy

    dumb dummy

    3 dagen geleden

    man, the council screwed our tradition way up :/

  18. FunnyManTV


    3 dagen geleden

    I’m sorry but drawings just aren’t us funny as shitty photoshops.

  19. Bashir Mahmud

    Bashir Mahmud

    4 dagen geleden

    That red wines kinda sus🤫

  20. Gacha Saver

    Gacha Saver

    4 dagen geleden

    would love to see you tour in des moines or kansas city some time :)

  21. ruskidruski


    4 dagen geleden

    Too old is 9

  22. dayumm


    5 dagen geleden

    I personally feel like the blind format works best with your yiay videos, but it doesn't really translate into these traditional videos very well. Great video tho!

  23. A Egg

    A Egg

    5 dagen geleden

    12:42 ribboned for your pleasure

  24. Mr IgTp

    Mr IgTp

    5 dagen geleden

    malignant is really good

  25. Acentric


    5 dagen geleden

    Jim to my pam

  26. PigeonWithAGun


    5 dagen geleden

    Jack: white=yes, coloured=no

  27. Alucard The Atheist

    Alucard The Atheist

    5 dagen geleden


  28. Nerdbrain


    5 dagen geleden

    Jack you weren't wrong about among us. You predicted it was a fad and would die out after the election. That's exactly what happened. It stopped being a game people actually played and enjoyed. Granted you expected it to be forgotten, but instead it simply evolved into a meme instead of being an unironically popular game

  29. Icy Crobat

    Icy Crobat

    6 dagen geleden

    I like texting horizontally #YIAYhate

  30. Ketna


    6 dagen geleden

    18:20 that's actually an amazing impression

  31. Amir Farid

    Amir Farid

    6 dagen geleden

    Melatone has Japanese wording that says “No Homo

  32. JasonSarah Snyder

    JasonSarah Snyder

    7 dagen geleden

    #YIAYhate no milk in cereal

  33. PiousMinion


    7 dagen geleden

    Regular vaxxes required? Sure. No prob. Covid Vax required? I'll pass... and I'm considering unsubscribing.

  34. Chillit Face

    Chillit Face

    7 dagen geleden

    I Put Milk First



    7 dagen geleden

    well i now know not to eat while watching these annual videos



    7 dagen geleden

    Pro Tip: dont eat while watching this

  37. Claire Gabriella

    Claire Gabriella

    7 dagen geleden

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  38. Peridot The Clod

    Peridot The Clod

    7 dagen geleden

    Shrek 3rd is best

  39. Fallen_ Vexen

    Fallen_ Vexen

    7 dagen geleden

    Funny sir pelo on my birthday :)

  40. SpaceBot


    7 dagen geleden

    That Bo Burnham impression was spot on

  41. fluffyanimal1243


    7 dagen geleden

    I will not subscribe (my submission)

    • fluffyanimal1243


      7 dagen geleden

      I can only submit on NLid

  42. holybananapeel


    7 dagen geleden

    I made it on YIAY, he laughs at it, made him watch the 21 meme, and made him dab. I am EXTREMELY satisfied.

  43. Peridot The Clod

    Peridot The Clod

    8 dagen geleden

    That brickleberry reference tho

  44. anx


    8 dagen geleden

  45. Sage Harstad

    Sage Harstad

    8 dagen geleden

    Jack I just feel like it's important to tell you I'm taking a shit

  46. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestar

    8 dagen geleden

    YIAY is so dumb. Hate me now

  47. the anoying one

    the anoying one

    8 dagen geleden

    Amongus #YIAYhate

  48. Noeliz Ramos

    Noeliz Ramos

    8 dagen geleden

    12:47. There’s a book called unwind and the premis is literally that image and your pun and Idk if you are smart enough to make that joke or if it was intentional xD

  49. Et0ns L1ght

    Et0ns L1ght

    8 dagen geleden

    I'm stanning Jacksfilms uwu #YIAYhate

  50. Sketch


    8 dagen geleden

    The tour is sadly isn't in my state

  51. ramses bams

    ramses bams

    8 dagen geleden

    "i've done 1300 videos" so? a guy i used to watch has made over 5000 videos so far. i knew he did more because there was a little music video for when he passed 1000 videos and that was ages ago. that was 9 years ago. he made 4000 more videos in that time

  52. Logan Fury

    Logan Fury

    8 dagen geleden

    #Yiayhate Tail length in bio

  53. crayonz


    8 dagen geleden

    why are his teeth so white

  54. ay ru

    ay ru

    8 dagen geleden

    no ankha/squid game reference wtf

  55. Quinn V.

    Quinn V.

    9 dagen geleden

    Im ngl.... I kinda prefer the Honorable mentions

  56. DogWoodCorn


    9 dagen geleden

    #YIAYhate Me Me Big Boy

  57. Androo


    9 dagen geleden

    Dang even jack pushing the vaccine mandate, even tho it wont stop transmission at all. And i thought jack was cool :c

    • dayumm


      13 uur geleden

      @DrPepper96x i never said it couldn’t be transmitted, i said it disrupts transmission. it’s proven to be less likely to spread through vaccination

    • DrPepper96x


      13 uur geleden

      @dayumm No, Fully Vaccinated people can still transmit the virus.

    • dayumm


      5 dagen geleden

      the vaccine does disrupt transmission tho lmao?

    • Evan Bush

      Evan Bush

      8 dagen geleden

      thats way more than 4 words

    • Very Uncorrect

      Very Uncorrect

      8 dagen geleden


  58. JaclynDiane


    9 dagen geleden

    Switch the big mouth!!

  59. Marley Melon

    Marley Melon

    9 dagen geleden

    as a Tennesse citizen, if you hear an explosion it's most likely a meth lab exploding

  60. lamalamalex


    9 dagen geleden

    Fuck this guy’s show. Someone stream it lol

  61. Ben Haggerty

    Ben Haggerty

    9 dagen geleden

    I'll buy tickets when you come to the MEN arena in the UK

  62. Cordon Joseph

    Cordon Joseph

    9 dagen geleden

    I’m scared for Jack’s sake because of his defiance of the council.

  63. Hideo Kojima

    Hideo Kojima

    9 dagen geleden

    Imagine never watch The Thing smh

  64. kingslayer


    9 dagen geleden

    surprised there wasn’t a squid game themed pfp

  65. Crenonus -

    Crenonus -

    9 dagen geleden

    If jack was a true gamer he'd know that erin and chip aren't dead just injured

  66. tree glasses

    tree glasses

    9 dagen geleden


  67. Casondra


    9 dagen geleden


  68. one singular pog

    one singular pog

    9 dagen geleden

    #YIAYhate @jacksfilms Hamilton; rapping slave masters! :D

  69. Bacon


    9 dagen geleden

    #YIAYhate amogus is funny haha

  70. Prophet_Shrektus


    9 dagen geleden

    Not buying the boardgame 😎

  71. Piper Holiday

    Piper Holiday

    9 dagen geleden

    *sips your soup happily*

  72. Sarah Stewart

    Sarah Stewart

    10 dagen geleden

    I always love watching to see which one falls on my birthday. Truly the best part of having an October birthday

  73. Paradox Eagle

    Paradox Eagle

    10 dagen geleden

    3:33 Looks like an entry from All Tomorrows

  74. Miranda H.

    Miranda H.

    10 dagen geleden

    #YIAYhate Did not ship MarioxSonic

  75. Miranda H.

    Miranda H.

    10 dagen geleden

    Why the uwu at 10 minutes?

  76. ACE_C


    10 dagen geleden

    Dont be shy Jack, tour in Missouri :)

  77. vvFREAKOUTvv


    10 dagen geleden

    Why does no one come to Arkansas 😭

  78. FutureBismark


    10 dagen geleden

    Not Buying YIAY Game #YIAYhate

  79. Die4Gesichter


    10 dagen geleden

    No squidgame one?

  80. Cudket


    10 dagen geleden

    Ah man Fred! Haven’t heard him mentioned in years… We’re getting olddeerrr

  81. TwistedGodS


    10 dagen geleden

    yiay answer: furry amogus fortnite balls

  82. Wilo Polis

    Wilo Polis

    10 dagen geleden

    *"Hey guys really excited about me in this corner"* KILLED me

  83. Sir Victorino

    Sir Victorino

    10 dagen geleden

    Where are all the squid game ones I just thought there would be more

  84. SighKick


    10 dagen geleden

    Yesterday Asked I You

  85. Wondiws


    10 dagen geleden

    The live yiay game is just jackbox party pack isn't it

  86. enis serifi

    enis serifi

    10 dagen geleden

    Council picked the technicaly and good lookin ones, while Jack liked the funny and clever ones. Well too bad

  87. Thomas Watkins

    Thomas Watkins

    10 dagen geleden

    Big Mouths art style is like that so people are less likely to sexual use the kids since it's about puberty and shit. Unfortunately it doesn't work as well as it should *shivers*

  88. Cart Snap

    Cart Snap

    10 dagen geleden

    Jack with the midwest disrespect in his tour planning

  89. Scott Hartley

    Scott Hartley

    10 dagen geleden

    Zelda is soooo overrated

  90. Cosmic Thistle

    Cosmic Thistle

    10 dagen geleden

    Please hate me... ppLEEEAASSSEEEE #YIAYhate

  91. Cosmic Thistle

    Cosmic Thistle

    10 dagen geleden

    Mum said hate me #YIAYhate

  92. BlueTeletubby


    11 dagen geleden

    Your’e are cringe much

  93. please stop looking at my old comments and stuff

    please stop looking at my old comments and stuff

    11 dagen geleden

    14:25 so its just.....jack horseman?

  94. theamazingcj27


    11 dagen geleden

    Idk if it's the council, or if this year was just bad? But this one seemed a bit dry

  95. PieNinjaGO!


    11 dagen geleden

    honestly thought there would be an ankha one

  96. Goldie!


    11 dagen geleden

    Hi Translate to English

    • Goldie!


      11 dagen geleden

      Hi Read more

  97. Vortex Films

    Vortex Films

    11 dagen geleden

    #YIAYhate Kidz Bop Did 9/11

  98. A person on Youtube

    A person on Youtube

    11 dagen geleden

    For the YIAY: I am a furry

  99. Amoebachu


    11 dagen geleden

    8:03 👀

  100. Myma the Axolotl

    Myma the Axolotl

    11 dagen geleden

    Yesterday Asked I You