The FINAL Smash Bros. Fighter is... (YIAY

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In today's YIAY, I asked you who you think the final fighter will be for Nintendo's Smash Brothers Ultimate. With so many bold predictions, can one of them be true?!

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  1. Campbell Blah Blah's Vlog

    Campbell Blah Blah's Vlog

    4 uur geleden


  2. Judith Famptz

    Judith Famptz

    11 uur geleden

    Ok John you cant blame your parents for not watching Spongebob, that’s your fault. However, I can blame my parents because my mother never let me watch Spongebob because she thought it was about bullying. Which I still don’t understand to this day

  3. StrawberryGamerGirl


    Dag geleden

    “There’s no way the final fighter makes everyone happy” Jack 2021 “Sora” sakrui 2021

  4. invalidVulture


    2 dagen geleden

    Somehow, in some cursed, forbidden way, Jack predicted the Chris Prat Mario. No one was happy about this.

  5. Crep 50

    Crep 50

    4 dagen geleden

    None of these were correct 😔

  6. Jon Miller

    Jon Miller

    4 dagen geleden

    #YIAYegg If you watch carefully, in the background of the Jabba the Hutt Scene in Star Wars Episode 4's extended cut, you can see George Lucas selling his soul to the dark lord Satan!

  7. NO on

    NO on

    5 dagen geleden

    8:29 I think the Final should be "We must make sure you do not appear here again bailiff wack his pp"

  8. Spugnox Ngubcux

    Spugnox Ngubcux

    6 dagen geleden

    3:18 Discord moderator fish

  9. Sly Reborn

    Sly Reborn

    6 dagen geleden


  10. Red Wizxrd

    Red Wizxrd

    7 dagen geleden

    i drink coffee at night bc i am addicted to caffeine and at this point it does nothing

  11. Shaun Lakey

    Shaun Lakey

    7 dagen geleden

    Big birds final smash is avoiding the challenger disaster

  12. Jkdabomb10A


    9 dagen geleden

    Can’t believe they went with Sora over one of these. Did Nintendo even watch the video?????

  13. Holly Clarke

    Holly Clarke

    9 dagen geleden

    7:30 jack predicted crisp rat mario

  14. GameDerpSonny


    9 dagen geleden

    Judge Judy's final smash would be her saying dipsy-doo dunkaroo and then dunking the other fighter

  15. King Kayro's Royal Court

    King Kayro's Royal Court

    9 dagen geleden

    Guys, quick question, who would win in a fight? Ultra-Instinct Shaggy? Or Hugh Neutron the Forbidden One?

  16. gowgow


    10 dagen geleden

    It’s crazy revisiting this video and now knowing Sora is the final smash character.

  17. SonZilla MarioCraft

    SonZilla MarioCraft

    11 dagen geleden

    I come with a message from the future. It's simple and clean.

  18. Goldie210


    11 dagen geleden


  19. Fernando Ortiz

    Fernando Ortiz

    11 dagen geleden

    7:01 yep

  20. TheAdvertisement


    12 dagen geleden

    3:18 "Dog _or_ ghost taps tripod."

  21. Fellow Human

    Fellow Human

    12 dagen geleden

    For OJ Simpson’s neutral special, he wields a KNIFE.

  22. Mon-kiegh


    13 dagen geleden

    7:24 jack predicted Chris Pratt Mario?

    • invalidVulture


      2 dagen geleden

      He did. This is truly the worst timeline.

  23. Em R

    Em R

    13 dagen geleden

    the oj bit killed me

  24. Chronic Arrow

    Chronic Arrow

    13 dagen geleden

    People coming back to this video to say it was Sora

  25. Joshua Harland

    Joshua Harland

    13 dagen geleden


  26. Cobalt Crusader

    Cobalt Crusader

    14 dagen geleden

    3:18 text says "dog or ghost taps tripod"

  27. Shelby Hudgins

    Shelby Hudgins

    14 dagen geleden

    I love how Jack doesn’t know Spongebob but knows Jimmy Neutron????

  28. Laetitian Madhatter

    Laetitian Madhatter

    15 dagen geleden

    I'm six years younger than you, and I was already "too old for Spongebob" about two years after it aired. So I think the only one you can blame that you didn't watch enough Spongebob is your pubic hair.

  29. Zachariah Smith

    Zachariah Smith

    16 dagen geleden

    In seriousness tho.. really hoping the announcement has Mario using an assist trophy vs Wario. Assist trophy is Waluigi who becomes sentient right before nearly sealing the deal for Mario, who is taunting towards the camera. Waluigi reaches out his gloved hand and helps Wario up from the ground. Both wearing malicious smiles, the two sneak up on Mario dreaming of spaghetti in the middle of the stage. Top down close up of wide fearful Mario eyes then cut to Mario's perspective from the ground revealing the menacing, lengthy, newly liberated, purple madman himself holding his oversized tennis racket. WALUIGI JOINS THE BATTLE!

  30. AwokeDoggePupper


    17 dagen geleden

    Jacksfilms: *doesn’t know who’s Bubble Bass* Bubble Bass: *cries in asthma*

  31. - Flubber -

    - Flubber -

    19 dagen geleden

    I remember Alf I have alf playing cards and with the gum and my discord account pfp is alf

  32. Stephanie W.

    Stephanie W.

    20 dagen geleden

    Judge Judy would say, "We're done, goodbye!"

  33. zexing tan

    zexing tan

    20 dagen geleden


  34. kirsty Gunn

    kirsty Gunn

    20 dagen geleden

    Don't be doing my boy ALF like that ( I'm frickin old)

  35. GriffinVR


    22 dagen geleden

    Me over here who watches the new simpsons

    • cromb


      21 dag geleden

      oh no he didn’t get rid of u

  36. Nekrotix


    24 dagen geleden

    Morshu would be an excellent choice.

  37. Erika Dalí

    Erika Dalí

    24 dagen geleden

    Just throwing some actual predictions here: Waluigi, Lara Croft, Rayman or Hatsune Miku

  38. CoriNoricen


    24 dagen geleden

    #YIAYegg the t-shirt worn in Batman: The Dark Night is actually a reference to the pizza truck in Toy Story 2

  39. MysticalFG


    24 dagen geleden

    ''Mario 2; rebooted as a sexy.. I don't even know'' _hits different after the Chris Pratt as Mario for the Mario Movie announcement_

    • Bigbanana E

      Bigbanana E

      20 dagen geleden

      he predicted it

  40. Jay G.

    Jay G.

    25 dagen geleden

    you have Fergus, Farkle and Felicia's names memorized but you don't even remember what Donkey's children *look* like? fake fan, I can't believe this betrayal

  41. gooseboy


    25 dagen geleden

    #YIAYegg the title of the movie 'the avengers' alludes to the fact that it is, in fact, based off the comic series 'the avengers'

  42. The Cinnamon Pug

    The Cinnamon Pug

    25 dagen geleden

    final fighter needs to be waluigi

  43. Georgy Zhukov

    Georgy Zhukov

    25 dagen geleden

    #YIAYegg in the yiay movie 2 when the reference the shitty spin off the yaiy fiml

  44. Kalen did Nothing

    Kalen did Nothing

    25 dagen geleden

    TIL Jack didnt know about Donkey and Dragons beautiful Dronkey babies Debbie, Coco, Bananas, Peanut, Parfait and Eclair

  45. Jolf


    25 dagen geleden

    My legal name is alf

  46. Vincent H

    Vincent H

    26 dagen geleden

    I work in a steak house and I can tell you there are too many people have that one guy that orders a dessert while everybody else is ready to go. And WAY too many people ordering a coffee at 10m.

  47. napoleon


    26 dagen geleden

    Waluigi needs to be the last smash character and we all know that.

  48. miriam stern

    miriam stern

    26 dagen geleden

    Jack brought up a little mandela effect when he was talking about judge judy. She actually never had a gavel.

  49. Triple Parakeetshoes

    Triple Parakeetshoes

    27 dagen geleden

    I feel like it HAS to be Waluigi.

  50. InvisiblePlumber


    27 dagen geleden

    Why is your Morshu impression so on point

  51. Helen Sharp

    Helen Sharp

    27 dagen geleden

    Jack: who drinks coffee at 8pm?! Me, living on energy drinks and drinking my last one at around 10pm: *donkey and dragons cursed kid face*

  52. Kid Gamer

    Kid Gamer

    27 dagen geleden

    At one point, the screen glitches out and says “YT BANNER” And if you go to his NLid Banner, you can see a part of it with a red box around it. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN JOHN MOVIES?!?!

  53. Sophie Lee

    Sophie Lee

    27 dagen geleden

    How have I, a 1997 gen z, seen Alf but jack has not?

  54. PoneS


    28 dagen geleden

    yeah honestly worst yiay ever, gotta give it to the gamers to not come up with anything funny

  55. TinyboxTim


    28 dagen geleden

    If the final character for smash aint sora, I’m throwing the whole damn game away. It’s trash at that point. When sakurai approved Minecraft and banjo kazooie in the game I immediately lost interest. As did pretty much my entire friend group who used to play it. Adding sora would be the only reason why I’d still want to play it.

  56. dcbandnerd


    28 dagen geleden

    The Alf impression - I'm fukkin' DONE 💀

  57. magiloops


    28 dagen geleden

    Alf eats what now??? 😳

  58. Mottly


    29 dagen geleden

    11:25 i am a dancer

  59. Joxter


    29 dagen geleden

    i think morshus not a bad idea

  60. The Be Sharp

    The Be Sharp

    29 dagen geleden

    What makes a man a man is replying to the wrong YIAY.

  61. João Gabriel

    João Gabriel

    29 dagen geleden

    Dead channel

  62. Galixi_


    29 dagen geleden

    #yiayegg the wallpaper in the king and queens bedroom in shrek 2 look like lilypads.

  63. CaptainCuddles


    29 dagen geleden

    Drops a subtle clue in yiay Alexander 4 pls when

  64. Amoral Support

    Amoral Support

    29 dagen geleden

    That dragon donkey looks like Pennywise the clown.

  65. Harvister.c


    29 dagen geleden

    I have watched every episode of the simpsons. And I will be watching the new season 3:55

  66. Comic Mike Rossi

    Comic Mike Rossi

    Maand geleden

    The text needs to be there for at least one second. How can I get all the jokes if I have to keep going back and rewatching the same 4 seconds over and over and pausing on every beat just to see the text.

  67. Team Awesomeness

    Team Awesomeness

    Maand geleden

    Pink DDR Girl also makes sense because she's the first one who actually fits the smash criteria.

  68. ExtremelyWindyGuy


    Maand geleden

    In the movie Black Swan, there's no actual swan. This is because they spent their entire budget hiring Natalie Portman and could not afford one of the birds. #YIAYegg

  69. Voldy Moldyvoldy

    Voldy Moldyvoldy

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYegg in Knives Out, the name is an Easter egg to that there is knives in the movie!!!!

  70. Pidde Bas

    Pidde Bas

    Maand geleden

    RIP The Simpsons? Isn't it still going?

  71. Jonathan Kuhn

    Jonathan Kuhn

    Maand geleden

    We need Hollow Knight in Super Smash Bros

  72. Sleepy Pup

    Sleepy Pup

    Maand geleden

    10:08 am I having a stroke

  73. Keznen


    Maand geleden

    Oh dear god, that dog-human ad. Haven't seen that thing in a while.

  74. Anthony Velasco

    Anthony Velasco

    Maand geleden

    I thought jack was gonna say that there were no girls in the first ine

  75. Fábio Santos

    Fábio Santos

    Maand geleden

    It needs to be waluigi

  76. wii


    Maand geleden

    Super Smash Siblings

  77. N8thegr809


    Maand geleden

    Yo I got into YIAY without knowing it lol

  78. Patrick


    Maand geleden

    wtf is final smash you nerd

  79. Clara Gonçalves

    Clara Gonçalves

    Maand geleden

    i have coffee for dessert or else i'll instantly fall asleep on the table before leaving

  80. Pasky Plays

    Pasky Plays

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYegg the reason that antman had thomas the tank engine in the movie was cause marvel used to publish thomas comics so yes thomas the tank is a marvel character

  81. Emmanuel Morales

    Emmanuel Morales

    Maand geleden

    I agree with the council. These answers suck.

  82. Kay wants food

    Kay wants food

    Maand geleden

    Lmao I submitted the takumi thing and I thought it'd be hilarious bc Really, another fucking fire emblem character? (People hate how many fe characters are in smash games) And it's FATES of all games? (People hate fire emblem fates) AND ITS TAKUMI? (I love him, but people hate Takumi so much because- uh. Reasons-?) So I just thought it'd be hilarious to put Takumi there along with the "you knew it'd be another FUCKING fire emblem character" thing

  83. Shane Driscoll

    Shane Driscoll

    Maand geleden

    Jack that Alf impression was spot on!holy cow!

  84. Jess Gonzalez

    Jess Gonzalez

    Maand geleden

    I don’t see a top comment answering your coffee for dessert question, so here we go: it’s good. No I’m kidding, they drink it late cause it’s warm and soothing and the effects of the caffeine won’t hit til later. So if they go to bed shortly after drinking it, then the coffee’s effects haven’t “activated”

  85. ramona's shit show

    ramona's shit show

    Maand geleden

    oop he got the flip

  86. ramona's shit show

    ramona's shit show

    Maand geleden

    my dad had a trash can with Alf on it and it scared the living shit out of me when i was little

  87. Reinminer .Gryphon

    Reinminer .Gryphon

    Maand geleden

    You mean Officer Byrd? My dad never misses an episode of Judge Judy >.> to be fair, he's in his mid-70s

  88. Sayori Summoner

    Sayori Summoner

    Maand geleden

    As a Fire Emblem apologist, Takumi is by far one of the WORST Fire Emblem Lords they could add to the game.

    • Kay wants food

      Kay wants food

      Maand geleden

      I made the takumi submission and while Takumi was my favourite, I thought it'd be hilarious bc everyone hates -so many fire emblem characters in smash -fire emblem fates -Takumi

  89. Panteria


    Maand geleden

    5:32 "The european side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some might consider, unnatural."

  90. colly407


    Maand geleden

    You fool, the moment you brought that ONE fact up, is when you destroyed ssb forever

  91. Davidiculous


    Maand geleden

    #YIAYegg Did you know in the first Toy Story Movie there is a Pizza Planet Truck, this is a reference to the Pizza Planet restaurant seen in the First Toy Story Movie where a Pizza Planet Truck can be seen as a reference to the First Toy Story Movie

  92. SepticBadger


    Maand geleden

    #YIAYegg pizziapaltnerturkc

  93. e


    Maand geleden

    #yiayegg eerrin iss fhhat

  94. Dr.TimTam


    Maand geleden


  95. nohsara


    Maand geleden

    The fact that the commenter, Jack, and the editor called the ritz cheese crackers “cookies”

  96. ShleyMeister


    Maand geleden

    I watched all of the ALF seasons when I was a kid. I love that little Alien. AND for your information, the cat thing was a gag because the family that took him in had a cat but they were off limits! Instead, he doubled their grocery bill with his black hole of a stomach.

  97. Grewe Bear

    Grewe Bear

    Maand geleden

    I've never played smash....had no idea it had story mode.... thought it was just bro screaming and mashing at each other

  98. Jitter &Twitch

    Jitter &Twitch

    Maand geleden

    In the original "Back To The Future" Marty McFly first meets up with Doc Brown in the Twin Pines Mall parking lot. After travelling back in time in the Pixar Pizza Planet truck Marty runs over a pine tree during his daring escape and later returns to Lone Tree Mall in the present to change the path of history. This is of course a reference to Disney's first Pixar Movie, Back To The Future II. #YIAYegg

  99. Streaming for Jason

    Streaming for Jason

    Maand geleden

    rip Mr. Hooper

  100. wolfieisbored


    Maand geleden

    4:22 it says yt banner on the glitch thing