Fix Your Pix


  1. bŕəąď ķįņğ ⁿ⁰ ů

    bŕəąď ķįņğ ⁿ⁰ ů

    2 dagen geleden

    Fingie dingie

  2. RoseArachnid


    3 dagen geleden

    “Here you go-sike” Me who screenshotted it before he added the new watermarks

  3. Jhlp07


    4 dagen geleden

    More Like Fix Ya Dix

  4. narcisa pojar

    narcisa pojar

    4 dagen geleden

    Ohhh those water marks XDDDDDDDĎD

  5. narcisa pojar

    narcisa pojar

    4 dagen geleden

    Where is the water Mark XDDDD



    8 dagen geleden

    They could just pause the video and screenshot it though…

  7. Captain Sponk

    Captain Sponk

    9 dagen geleden

    The reason he looks younger is because he’s slowly returning to monke

  8. Enraged Human

    Enraged Human

    11 dagen geleden

    Jokes on Jack, he showed a frame without the watermark and then they can screenshot that one frame.

  9. Calicomb


    16 dagen geleden

    The best part is that he leaves a few seconds of the poc with the watermark actually removed for them to screenshot and preserve, thus genuinely fixing the pic. Nice thing to do

  10. Trinity Amber

    Trinity Amber

    17 dagen geleden

    Playing the hits huh jack?

  11. GD-NAME


    19 dagen geleden

    Remember 30 secs ago that you didn't know this existed? Good Old Times.

  12. The Anonymous Commenter

    The Anonymous Commenter

    19 dagen geleden

    I mean you could just screenshot the brief moment at 0:31 before the watermarks appeared and boom, watermarkless pic

  13. NameSake


    20 dagen geleden

    Too long for a youtube short

  14. Spoox


    23 dagen geleden

    hey jack, my gf sent a picture of her with no clothes, can you fix it?

  15. Kai The Cactus

    Kai The Cactus

    24 dagen geleden

    This fit with the glasses and the chest hair showing is not it jack.... not it

  16. Ebert Herrera

    Ebert Herrera

    24 dagen geleden

    Enough fix your pix It's time we learn how to fix our dix

  17. F. Helgesen

    F. Helgesen

    24 dagen geleden

    I like how he started with making fun of shorts. Now he's just embracing them.

  18. BoberTee


    24 dagen geleden

    Bring it back

  19. Shmoopitty


    24 dagen geleden

    How original

  20. Hank Richard

    Hank Richard

    25 dagen geleden

    Sequel confirmed? This was the series that introduced me to jacksfilms

  21. What have I become my sweetest friend?

    What have I become my sweetest friend?

    25 dagen geleden

    Honest the Basic AF edit would make for a fantastic album cover.

  22. Tyler Cai

    Tyler Cai

    25 dagen geleden


  23. UnLNRG


    25 dagen geleden

    When the guy pauses the video before jack puts new watermark

  24. Rickety Ryan

    Rickety Ryan

    25 dagen geleden

    If the guy pauses the Spider-Man one at the right time he can get the picture

  25. Chloe Tucker Design

    Chloe Tucker Design

    25 dagen geleden

    He played the frame game with u. If you stop it at the right moment you can see it without the watermarks

  26. bthonk


    25 dagen geleden


  27. OXIR


    25 dagen geleden

    The way he put his own watermark on the photo 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Smiley


    25 dagen geleden

    jack, you should add a link to the description in case people wanna watch the full video

  29. Harris O.M.O

    Harris O.M.O

    25 dagen geleden

    Dislike for chest hair.

  30. modi2.0


    25 dagen geleden

  31. mikechad


    25 dagen geleden

    Ayo did he just shaved his beard? That's good hdhd

  32. Geo Saju

    Geo Saju

    25 dagen geleden

    I believe they could take a screenshot of the first fix before the water mark was added

  33. SuperIchi


    25 dagen geleden

    > pauses and takes a screenshot at 0:31 before the watermark gets re-added cool thanks for fixing it (not my pic)

  34. Leogenix


    25 dagen geleden

    PLEASE bring back this series

  35. Tim Campbell

    Tim Campbell

    25 dagen geleden

    Wait, it’s a Disney watermark, but it’s the Sony Spider-man? Am I missing something? Do Disney showcase TASM Merch?

  36. 英語チューブ


    25 dagen geleden




    25 dagen geleden

    Make The PH Flag So Cool. I Live In The Philippines

  38. Edward Rodriguez

    Edward Rodriguez

    25 dagen geleden

    ok guys we got it, Jack recycled content, shut up already

  39. CoralDoggo


    25 dagen geleden

    the only thing i love more than jack never recycling old content is the comment section never recycling jokes

  40. Lycan the Scrublord

    Lycan the Scrublord

    25 dagen geleden


  41. I Love Harpic and Clorox

    I Love Harpic and Clorox

    25 dagen geleden

    Jack cares about the nature that's why he's recycling his old videos.

  42. econojon


    26 dagen geleden

    Get this channel to 5M!!!

  43. Baby Vroh

    Baby Vroh

    26 dagen geleden

    Woah Jack you look a bit younger today...

  44. IdaeChop


    26 dagen geleden

    I like this short, because its recycled. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE BABY

  45. averysumner


    26 dagen geleden

    hello john, i would like some more fortnite funnies. yours truly, me

  46. Mshary R

    Mshary R

    26 dagen geleden


  47. Double896


    26 dagen geleden

    This is the most original video idea Jack has ever done, he should do more of these

  48. Alva Eriksson

    Alva Eriksson

    26 dagen geleden

    Anyone else find it so disappointing that he's no longer posting every day, just these stupid shorts?

  49. Mangin Play

    Mangin Play

    26 dagen geleden

    That old Twitter is so nostalgic

  50. NathanThaBoi


    26 dagen geleden

    people are joking about jack recycling content but you guys are recycling the comment lmao

  51. Hershey


    26 dagen geleden

    Man ur so damn creative where do u find the time and energy to not only cosplay your 2017 self but make and edit 2 pix fixes? Youre on a whole new level with this blind content dude keep it up

  52. john B

    john B

    26 dagen geleden

    I think about that watermark removal bit often. It must have taken him so long for that one joke...

    • Donald Stanfield

      Donald Stanfield

      25 dagen geleden

      That was an awesome surprise ending! 💥💨

  53. Slimepoop


    26 dagen geleden

    Can’t believe I thought jack made fix your pix 5. Then I read #shorts. Day ruined



    26 dagen geleden

    THE SEXY GIRLS ARE BIGTITITS.UNO THREE IN ONE NLid: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. NLid: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.

  55. Sol T

    Sol T

    26 dagen geleden

    I'm really enjoying this new and original content that Jack has been uploading that is all new and original and not new.

  56. Walter Lopez

    Walter Lopez

    26 dagen geleden

    0:32 Just screenshot it. Thank me later.

  57. Nathan Pell

    Nathan Pell

    26 dagen geleden

    Ah yes a vintage. This was from his chest hair period, very rich flavor.

  58. 1st06_2K6 Absolute Rainbow

    1st06_2K6 Absolute Rainbow

    26 dagen geleden


  59. Xande


    26 dagen geleden


  60. Auliadi Ahmad

    Auliadi Ahmad

    26 dagen geleden

    Where jackask

  61. Shrek


    26 dagen geleden

    deez nutz

  62. Kid Charlemagne

    Kid Charlemagne

    26 dagen geleden

    Wow great fucking video.

  63. Desslosh


    26 dagen geleden

    Shorts do not count as videos Jack

  64. TableFruitSpecified


    26 dagen geleden

    Future to the Jack

  65. Melody Sketch

    Melody Sketch

    26 dagen geleden

    Man freebooted himself

  66. Om Bakhshi

    Om Bakhshi

    26 dagen geleden

    Jack delete this

  67. Garf4153


    26 dagen geleden

    Love the chest hair jackard

  68. LocLink


    26 dagen geleden

    You need to make fix your dixs

  69. Lord Headass

    Lord Headass

    26 dagen geleden

    aint this the typa stuff jack would make make fun of

  70. James Smith

    James Smith

    26 dagen geleden


  71. sliimy


    26 dagen geleden

    and he never worked on the catch phrase

  72. Silly Man

    Silly Man

    26 dagen geleden

    That is a hell of a v-neck

  73. kidblood1


    26 dagen geleden

    Hey Now

  74. Artimissle’s Internet Home

    Artimissle’s Internet Home

    26 dagen geleden

    I really love that Jack never recycles content, and always posts something original! You don’t see it a lot on this platform, so kudos for Jack for not ever, ever ever reusing old content!

  75. Brendon McCray

    Brendon McCray

    26 dagen geleden

    Who is this “jacksfilms” and why does he keep freebooting Jack’s content??? Jack said it himself, he HATES freebooting

  76. Mywalk


    26 dagen geleden

    I think most of the vviewers are students like me. I pray for everyone's success. Emma from London

  77. Christina Lacey

    Christina Lacey

    26 dagen geleden

    Not only is Jack a wizard at clone stamping, but he's a sorcerer of recycling content.

  78. cinderz_z


    26 dagen geleden

    whys everyone complaining he literally posted a community pull just a few weeks ago asking if it was okay to turn some of his old content into shorts and majority voted yes to it

  79. Evadooker


    26 dagen geleden

    Jack you look so young now what did you do

  80. ERP


    26 dagen geleden

    I thought this was a new fix your pix 😭

  81. Adam


    26 dagen geleden

    A throwback to when Jack had hair.

  82. WordoftheElderGods


    26 dagen geleden

    I thought he was gonna replace the moon with the evil one from Majora’s Mask.

  83. Bwern


    26 dagen geleden

    why all the shorts videos? I almost dont even click on them because they are so short

  84. Ceviche Grace

    Ceviche Grace

    26 dagen geleden

    Did you know? Jacksfilms doesn't call these NLid shorts, he just calls them NLid .

  85. Ryn McKin

    Ryn McKin

    26 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: jack just tweeted “think I’ve got like a year of NLid left in me” and then deleted the tweet.

    • M. D. Morin

      M. D. Morin

      25 dagen geleden

      funny af if true. i wish he'd embrace that crude and sad humor more freely bc he's really good at it and those are my best laughs. I'm not sure people under 30 find burnout jokes as funny though

  86. Squacker


    26 dagen geleden

    Fix your pix was great, you should consider trying it again!

  87. Jaymic


    26 dagen geleden

    shorts were a mistake

  88. Nucth772


    26 dagen geleden

    jacksepticeye is my favorite youtuber

  89. Pigeon_Master_


    26 dagen geleden

    how about making actual content, john

  90. Qesir


    26 dagen geleden

    You dont look like that anymore....

  91. David Döss

    David Döss

    26 dagen geleden

    He should do fix ur dix

  92. Ben Is Poggers :D

    Ben Is Poggers :D

    26 dagen geleden

    Me: I’ve seen this! New viewers: Its brand new!

    • J.J. Hector 73

      J.J. Hector 73

      26 dagen geleden

      Wait, you don’t think that Jack shaved his beard and grow back his hairline just for a short, how despicable

  93. Donald Stanfield

    Donald Stanfield

    26 dagen geleden

    Jack's forehead makes up for what he lacks in height...🔥 If only he could do something about that massive forehead.

  94. Mommy why is that man so horny

    Mommy why is that man so horny

    26 dagen geleden


  95. Oddless


    26 dagen geleden


  96. Mr Dude

    Mr Dude

    26 dagen geleden

    I like how people Leave original jokes on a original video real nice

  97. Nerd Mind

    Nerd Mind

    26 dagen geleden


  98. Bobberman


    26 dagen geleden

    I miss this series

  99. Marcus Svensson

    Marcus Svensson

    26 dagen geleden

    Hey Jack, do a YIAY with the question "What's your idle animation?" Mine would be sitting down shaking my legs and all the other NPCs looking reeeeal annoyed.

  100. Logan Symmes

    Logan Symmes

    26 dagen geleden

    Maryland Gang