What your EX thinks about (YIAY

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In today's YIAY, I asked you what you think your EX thinks about. Not a depressing episode at all! Very high self-esteems all around!

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  1. Ash


    2 uur geleden

    Well my ex is thinking about FEET probably...

  2. Liam Castillo

    Liam Castillo

    12 uur geleden


  3. Capybara


    8 dagen geleden

    Elon make rockets Jeff uses them.

  4. cuz physics

    cuz physics

    9 dagen geleden

    #YIAYbill neither. No exorbitantly wealthy people should ever be put into the spotlight. its elon musk tho cu-

  5. Maxxio Garcia

    Maxxio Garcia

    10 dagen geleden

    my ex slept with my dad, i don’t think she deserves forgiveness

  6. • Loser •

    • Loser •

    12 dagen geleden

    My ex left me for his cousin. And only kissed me once in like 5 months of being together only because my friends pressured him to. He was shit. Also tried to reach back out to me like 2 months after he dumped me :’)

  7. was A A H W agent

    was A A H W agent

    12 dagen geleden

    Did he get his 20 bucks?

  8. Biggy Cheese

    Biggy Cheese

    13 dagen geleden

    Responding to the wrong yiay way way way to late

  9. wonderp


    14 dagen geleden

    jeff bezos, because even though elon musk is more popular with the public, nobody else can deliver penis rockets like the bezos can.

  10. David cooney

    David cooney

    14 dagen geleden

    Its definitely Musk. I can smell him from here #YIAYbill

  11. stuckonaslide


    16 dagen geleden

    i'll tell what they doesn't think about. YOU. MOVE ON.

  12. Charlotte


    16 dagen geleden

    Does forgiving all my exes include the one who threatened to kill me?

  13. Preston Garvey

    Preston Garvey

    22 dagen geleden

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the unpaid intern who threw themselves on the landmine of a rickroll

  14. Caiden Randolph

    Caiden Randolph

    24 dagen geleden


  15. ReverendSyn


    24 dagen geleden

    *"You need to forgive your exes."* *Take your choice: "NO" or "HELL NO."*

  16. Trash can

    Trash can

    25 dagen geleden

    Jacksfilms lore? Bring it the theorists

  17. Liam Smith

    Liam Smith

    25 dagen geleden

    Jack, did you get a new studio? I can tell you're in front of a green-screen.

  18. Drive A Sandwich

    Drive A Sandwich

    25 dagen geleden

    #YIAYbill Jeff Bezos, because Lex Luthor is a much better super-villain than that guy from Venom.

  19. DaniLikesMilk


    26 dagen geleden

    3:17 No he married HER mom. YOU DIDN'T GET THE JOKE?!?!?!

  20. Snöiller


    26 dagen geleden

    #YIAYbillJeff Bezos because his name doesn't slander any kinks

  21. Warman225cow


    26 dagen geleden

    The 'my girlfriend is at another school thing' pissed me off when I was younger. I really did have a girlfriend who went to another school but no one believed me for the longest time.

  22. Robert Gonzales

    Robert Gonzales

    27 dagen geleden


  23. sleepyren


    28 dagen geleden

    this has to be my most favourite yiay ever

  24. Connor Thompson

    Connor Thompson

    29 dagen geleden

    I assume the #OneYIAYLate one was the Chipwich question

  25. Matching User

    Matching User

    29 dagen geleden

    Jeff Bezos is the cooler billionaire, he has a flying dong!

  26. ConfusedPig10


    29 dagen geleden

    I'm trying to find all the glitches in this video so I can find the links and such, so I'm gonna do something i'll regret, and watch through an entire Jacksfilms' video. Wish me luck.

  27. 🔳FrenchToast🔳


    Maand geleden


  28. 🔳FrenchToast🔳


    Maand geleden


  29. 🔳FrenchToast🔳


    Maand geleden


  30. 🔳FrenchToast🔳


    Maand geleden


  31. 🔳FrenchToast🔳


    Maand geleden


  32. Tsbjork


    Maand geleden

    Elon Musk because he smoked weed 😎 (marijuana) (420) (😎) #YIAYbill

  33. Freddy Mcgee

    Freddy Mcgee

    Maand geleden

    Elon Musk, cause battery cars go vroom and rockets go zoom. And he's not bald. #YIAYbill

  34. mars lol

    mars lol

    Maand geleden

    #yiaybill idk but they're both pretty cool in my elon x jeff wattpad fic

  35. scott besemer

    scott besemer

    Maand geleden

    Yes women do fake pregnancies. When I was around 19 I had a 1 night stand at a party. Sober the next morning I realized the mistake I had made. She wanted a relationship and I would rather set myself on fire. She tried the pregnancy thing. I am sterile so I said it's a miracle!!

  36. na


    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill no.

  37. HumanOfMars


    Maand geleden

    Bezos Because He's One Mech Suit From Becoming Lex Luthor #YIAYbill

  38. Bento


    Maand geleden

    I actually have a fake ex. I’ve started this lie when I was like 19 and now no ones (other than my current gf) knows that I have a fake ex. I would feel terrible if any of my friends found out.

  39. Jüg Baraha

    Jüg Baraha

    Maand geleden

    Whoever dies first #YIAYbill

  40. U MadBro yo

    U MadBro yo

    Maand geleden

    Love the editor QR code part xD

  41. ultimateninjaboi


    Maand geleden

    And now im sat here trying to figure out how i didnt know Twitter was 280 characters now...

  42. artfromike


    Maand geleden

    3:08 glee looks different today

  43. Nathan Woodford

    Nathan Woodford

    Maand geleden

    Elon. Because he watches anime. #YIAYbill

  44. Eva Vine

    Eva Vine

    Maand geleden

    definitely jeff bezoes, other wise how could we have gotten that cool song?

  45. vitalApocalypse [VA]

    vitalApocalypse [VA]

    Maand geleden


  46. Jakub


    Maand geleden

    elon musk because he has ass burgers

  47. some moronic penguin

    some moronic penguin

    Maand geleden

    Jeff Bezos because of his penis rocket.

  48. jucom


    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill EZ, anyone launching themselves to space in a giant dildo is the coolest. Although #YIAYbill implies gates.

  49. Olack Kagemand

    Olack Kagemand

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill Elon doesn't fly in a big dick which makes him much worse

  50. Icheesea T.

    Icheesea T.

    Maand geleden

    I’d like to hear the SAT vomit story.

  51. nohsara


    Maand geleden

    It seems common now, but iirc Sherlock was one of the first shows to just show texts on screen like that (and it worked rly well), where prior to that most shows were clumsily filming the character’s phone screen in their hands

  52. tyleet99


    Maand geleden

    I want to say Jeff Bezos is the cooler millionaire, not because I particularly think that he is, but because I think that Elon Musk and his projecting league of fanboys would throw baby tantrums about losing to Bezos. (I’m pretty sure Bezos knows he’s not cool, so it wouldn’t work the other way.)

  53. Darrianne Spires

    Darrianne Spires

    Maand geleden

    Was the "Everybody Dance Now" part a reference to SuperStar? Lol

  54. Joe Sean A G

    Joe Sean A G

    Maand geleden

    Jeff Bezos, Because... i mean... come on... Cause my name jeff

  55. James Rogers

    James Rogers

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill The answer is Musk. Musk is at least trying to be a real person. Bezos, on the other hand, is like a maniacal plot from Pinky and the Brain come to life. The man looks like he runs on gerbil power.

  56. pancakes


    Maand geleden

    None. They both suck. #YIAYbill

  57. norbygata14


    Maand geleden

    Wtf is a malewife...a husband? Dafuq

  58. Tomek Orzechowski

    Tomek Orzechowski

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill Both of them are, why are we comparing them?

  59. Team Awesomeness

    Team Awesomeness

    Maand geleden

    the previous yiay was yo daddy jokes

  60. CharlesAmongus The II

    CharlesAmongus The II

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill I like Elon Musk better Because he can ruin my family again.

  61. Toscas14


    Maand geleden

    Elon Musk. He was the model for the Bezos crotch-rocket. If Bezos used himself, he couldn’t have even gotten it up…into space, that is. #YIAYbill

  62. Olu Fasoro

    Olu Fasoro

    Maand geleden

    jeff bezos. don’t @ me

  63. Kyle. S

    Kyle. S

    Maand geleden

    Jeffy B’s got the cooler name #YIAYbill

  64. Vasili Paul

    Vasili Paul

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill Elon Musk because he owns rockets and Jeff Bezos didn't even leave the Earth's atmosphere but people still say he went to space.

  65. Shane Driscoll

    Shane Driscoll

    Maand geleden

    Ex-istential dread

  66. Shane Driscoll

    Shane Driscoll

    Maand geleden

    Him realizing that wasn’t doc brown makes me mad

  67. Gabby


    Maand geleden

    bruh i had no idea there were theories about the glitches i just assumed jack's camera was bad and the editors were making a running gag out of it

  68. TheChangeling13


    Maand geleden

    #Yiaybill Their both man-children but at least Elon has accomplished things.

  69. tylen luvs ur mom

    tylen luvs ur mom

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill if underpaying your workers is cool, then theyre both cool 😎

  70. Argus Panoptes

    Argus Panoptes

    Maand geleden

    #Yiaybill Elon Musk, you can cyberfuck with safety in the Cybertruck.

  71. Debz Baumaus

    Debz Baumaus

    Maand geleden

    Watching this YIAY reminded why I chose to stay single after my last boyfriend. Best 7 years of my life. I have achieved inner-peace away from heteronormative men. 😌

  72. TableFruitSpecified


    Maand geleden


  73. Luca Lolaico

    Luca Lolaico

    Maand geleden

    Bill gates, he created windows xp, and that is cool as hell

  74. AblissMusic


    Maand geleden

    Jeff cuz he's my bae...zos

  75. Mia Cool

    Mia Cool

    Maand geleden


  76. Yash1331


    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill Mukesh Ambani because of his huge tower in the middle of the city....Neither Elon nor Jeff has that!

  77. Jacob Epstein

    Jacob Epstein

    Maand geleden

    Both of them will be cool as they freeze in space! #YIAYbill

  78. Bo-eagle Van Belle

    Bo-eagle Van Belle

    Maand geleden

    4:21 Stheckestrl so true :'(

  79. Eazy_Peazy


    Maand geleden

    i have a theory about the glitches. maybe its potential jacksfilms lore?

  80. Den ._.

    Den ._.

    Maand geleden

    Why in the world is yiay turning into a arg

  81. YourArtex_


    Maand geleden

    Dude jeff bezoz has a song! But you know what there’s a video of Elon musks robot pole dancing

  82. governorfinchley


    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill why not both??? i’m sure there’s fanfiction

  83. Nechemiah Cohen

    Nechemiah Cohen

    Maand geleden

    Jeff Bezos, because he did what any rational person would do and finally quit after realizing he made enough to never have to work again, better late than never #YIAYbill

  84. Killble


    Maand geleden

    Have you guys thought about how the YIAY jingle stopped having sense long time ago?

  85. HornyDevil


    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill Jeff Bezos because he flew a dick rocket into the sky and if that doesn't just say fuck earth i don't know what does

  86. SurrealKeenan


    Maand geleden

    elon musk is cooler because he doesn't pretend to be fake employees on twitter to stop unions. Also, I made my money back in crypto so I forgive musk

  87. ouji


    Maand geleden

    arent the glitches just happening when jack's voice breaks? you guys are sick in the head

  88. Qaos System

    Qaos System

    Maand geleden

    Bezos, 'cause we can polish his head easier after it falls into the guillotine basket. #YIAYbill

  89. JusssT


    Maand geleden

    Jeff Bezoz, obviously, his rocket ship has better design then elon musk's. #YIAYBill

  90. SpaceSlade


    Maand geleden

    Musk is like a kid with too big of an allowance trying to show off to his friends, bezos is a irl supervillain. evil but inherently cooler #YIAYbill

  91. Haen 24

    Haen 24

    Maand geleden

    Doesn't matter I'm gonna kill them both. #YIAYbill

  92. e


    Maand geleden

    #yiaybill Jeff faaterrin

  93. Marion Lazatin

    Marion Lazatin

    Maand geleden

    I legit got so confuse with new profile. Was this a fake? Is just a montage channel?? What channel is this????

  94. Cakravartin


    Maand geleden

    Why'd you never tell us that Erin goes Gilbert Gottfried everytime she gets angry?

  95. Nathan P

    Nathan P

    Maand geleden

    #yiaybill Elon Musk is trying to make space billboards, and if that’s not the most Disney villain thing ever, I don’t know what is.

  96. Tired Zuko

    Tired Zuko

    Maand geleden

    Definitely Jeff Bezos because if there is anything that Roblox has taught me, is that exploiting workers in harmful environments is pogchamp! #YIAYbill

  97. Josh Granger

    Josh Granger

    Maand geleden

    well let me just say it's not my Bezos that attracts all the ladies #YIAYbill

  98. Jeb


    Maand geleden

    My Musky man. I have my own reasons but i will not tell them to you

  99. Pickleguy 55

    Pickleguy 55

    Maand geleden

    #YIAYbill elon musk because funny dogecoin epic reddit moment money 100 epic big chungus big bucks

  100. Jairo Corea

    Jairo Corea

    Maand geleden

    #YAIYAbill Jeff Bezos because he sassy And daddy