The New iPhone Whatever (parody)

The new iPhone 13 was unveiled today, and mamma mia it's a real spicy treat!

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  1. F Tube

    F Tube

    4 dagen geleden

    The iPhone 14 gonna have USB-C Like my comment so you can read it next year

  2. Wolilap


    5 dagen geleden

  3. omar guerrero

    omar guerrero

    6 dagen geleden

    No ipod videos

  4. The RoadRunner

    The RoadRunner

    6 dagen geleden

    Glad I bought the 12 mini instead of the 13. Wasn’t worth the extra £50 😂

  5. ramses bams

    ramses bams

    8 dagen geleden

    can't believe you've been doing these parodies for 20 years now

  6. Wasthomashere


    9 dagen geleden

    I'm only here and I only want Apple to release more phones until to iPhone 20 or more, because i want people (including jack) to make Apple parodies each time they release a new product dammit...

  7. Chrysi Gabriel

    Chrysi Gabriel

    9 dagen geleden


  8. Rekt4Guud


    15 dagen geleden

    actual most honest review on the iphone 13 on all of youtube.

  9. YeetZmeN


    15 dagen geleden

    I legitimately did not know a new iPhone was revealed until I got this notification

  10. Jason Hart

    Jason Hart

    15 dagen geleden

    Honestly if I wasn’t used to Apple software I’d probably buy a Samsung but at least when Samsung add a cool new feature we know we’ll get it three years later :)

  11. nine


    15 dagen geleden

    I bought the iphone and then i returned the iphone. the end.

  12. Dastan K.Hawrami

    Dastan K.Hawrami

    15 dagen geleden

    Nokia had always on display a long time ago.

  13. Lex Lex

    Lex Lex

    16 dagen geleden

    If I had to choose between getting rid of the notch or keeping facial ID feature, I think I probably would get rid of the notch. Maybe they can just give use one of those finger print readers discretely placed on the power button like some ipads. That'd be very neat.

  14. spartanDJChalo


    16 dagen geleden

    I'm so glad I went with a Samsung Fold 3 this year for those exact reasons. There just doesn't seem to be any new innovations anymore at Apple. It's all last years tech but "refined" and some slight tweaks here and there.

  15. Shobhit Sadwal

    Shobhit Sadwal

    16 dagen geleden

    The only thing that new Iphone has, is an another i sheep .

  16. Ph3nomen0N


    16 dagen geleden


  17. Francium


    17 dagen geleden

    But it becomes more expensive. That is a good change.

  18. anex


    17 dagen geleden

    if iphone ever goes brankrupt, jack will too

  19. Bruno


    18 dagen geleden

    That wasn't funny.

  20. jan novák

    jan novák

    18 dagen geleden

    The avg AAPL consumer: Watches this video, agrees, gives it a like, laught and sbuys the new iphone - unrepairable people

  21. Edoardo De Piccoli

    Edoardo De Piccoli

    18 dagen geleden

    what is the ending song called?

  22. Simply Sample Text

    Simply Sample Text

    19 dagen geleden

    Love to see an iPhone add on this vid

  23. Mystikal


    19 dagen geleden

    The reason why the camera is diagonal is because the sensors are larger and won’t fit the same way they do on the 12, who the fuck needs to truly multi-task and use 2 apps at once anyway. And oh boy I couldn’t wait to use a phone with shitty software and a crease down the middle every time I swipe to do something lol no thanks….

  24. jadon abu aqil

    jadon abu aqil

    19 dagen geleden

    why would they change anything if they change very little and people buy in millions?!

  25. Rifet Okic

    Rifet Okic

    19 dagen geleden

    I remember when Google’s Pixel ads made fun of iPhone’s ditching the headphone jack. Precisely a year later it ditched the headphone jack as well. ( No one gave a crap about it) Its always hilarious to see Apple getting bashed all the time, in comment sections as well. While iPhone users just enjoy their phones, no need to bash Android. Some have a life and are not jealous.

  26. Maudsteray


    19 dagen geleden

    Who else had an actual iPhone ad before the video?

  27. Sarah Willow

    Sarah Willow

    19 dagen geleden

    I'm an iPhone gal, and this is totally fair lol

  28. Asrith Reddy Patlolla

    Asrith Reddy Patlolla

    20 dagen geleden

    Hmm, what about the battery improvement ..? What about the screen refresh rate improvement..?

  29. crystalidx


    20 dagen geleden

    Next: Jack turned apple into an apple growing business. The end.

  30. 𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑑-𝑠𝑞𝑢𝑖𝑑


    20 dagen geleden


  31. Pasi123


    20 dagen geleden

    Wait, the iPhone 13 doesn't have an always-on screen? :D Nokia N8 had that back in 2010, that was over a decade ago!

  32. Egon2k


    20 dagen geleden

    0:46 you called it iPhone 13 instead of Whatever - truely disappointed 🤦‍♂️

  33. MissKickA$$


    21 dag geleden

    We don't put a charger in your box because that's a sin in our capitalism. Go cleanse thyself with apple water that comes from the tears of the people who bought the charger. Amen you poor bitch- Translation from Apple Co.

  34. LeeSta


    21 dag geleden

    Hey they are not forcing you to buy any iphones, it's your money buy whatever feels best for you

  35. Peeps40836


    21 dag geleden

    0:37 I don’t know how to react after seeing that.

  36. Sharkie


    21 dag geleden

    “We hope you enjoyed today’s Nintendo Direct. Sayonara!”

  37. kilsnacks


    21 dag geleden

    Lmfao Tim Apple

  38. viniFR


    21 dag geleden

    cant apple sue you?

  39. favingthatshit


    21 dag geleden

    good video

  40. Stv


    21 dag geleden

    NLid what is this recommendation. Pls remove!

  41. Kevin Rodrigues

    Kevin Rodrigues

    21 dag geleden

    Always on display seems like a bad idea for a phone. I don’t want to get woken up because that light won’t shut off. I don’t want my battery to die at a crucial stage in part due to a few pixels that are always on. I’m all for the idea but I want a mode to allow me to turn it off.

  42. Atlacy


    22 dagen geleden

    Ngl the new Iphone may bot be the biggest update but the updates it add make it feel so much more refined. Switched from my S21 Ultra to the new Pro Max and so far I'm very pleasantly surpriser especialy with the battery life!

  43. Om Bose

    Om Bose

    22 dagen geleden

    The notch pun was copied from @samtime😐

  44. LondenTower


    22 dagen geleden

    honestly, i think apple is literally milking features on the iPhone. am i glad to have a motorola Moto G 5G Plus. although it might not be the fastest phone in the world, it's at least "good enough" i can even play a few games on it.

  45. Mcfly


    22 dagen geleden

    twitter for android bozo 💀💀💀

  46. Addhayan Bakhshi

    Addhayan Bakhshi

    22 dagen geleden

    Brave move

  47. Ethan Thomas

    Ethan Thomas

    22 dagen geleden

    Lets not bs... I think our own brains are not capable of true multi tasking... what.. have an eye on each screen??? 😐

  48. Arduino Türk Batu

    Arduino Türk Batu

    22 dagen geleden

    "we learn nothing" ~ Tim Apple

  49. Arduino Türk Batu

    Arduino Türk Batu

    22 dagen geleden

    best of apples: parody

  50. blehbleh


    22 dagen geleden

    Apple literally took the notch down a notch.

  51. Rene Rose

    Rene Rose

    22 dagen geleden


  52. Zala Stele

    Zala Stele

    22 dagen geleden

    Watching this on iPhone 13 👁👄👁

  53. Halvard Lund

    Halvard Lund

    22 dagen geleden

    I feel this was a more honest commercial. Greetings from iPhone 8 user.

  54. George Raissi

    George Raissi

    23 dagen geleden

    thats what dum people who dont even know about tech think of iphone

  55. Ahmed A

    Ahmed A

    23 dagen geleden

    You know, if apple pay you money you will take a shower and start making quality videos, but you are worthless anyway and dumb so you make free advertisements instead!

  56. Ε K

    Ε K

    23 dagen geleden

    Maybe when you will be less poor you will not hate Apple so much

  57. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk

    23 dagen geleden

    I love how people roast apple but still love it anyways

  58. Regis Maltais

    Regis Maltais

    23 dagen geleden

    Ask Tim Cook Why ... he will reply to make some profits by changing nothing

  59. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker

    23 dagen geleden

    Wait there's a new one already?, good God this year is going by too fast for me

  60. Abbas Ather

    Abbas Ather

    23 dagen geleden

    I wonder if Apple could have kept the vertical rear cameras for the 13 and 13 Mini while just increasing the size of the module itself.

  61. klsar1


    23 dagen geleden

    iPhone is a rip-off

    • stealthh h

      stealthh h

      22 dagen geleden

      @Chunkey Monkey It is lol

    • Chunkey Monkey

      Chunkey Monkey

      22 dagen geleden

      No lol

  62. asm tahsin

    asm tahsin

    23 dagen geleden

    I hate you

  63. Oliver king

    Oliver king

    23 dagen geleden

    Got stung by a wasp whilst watching this video I hate you jack

    • Oliver king

      Oliver king

      23 dagen geleden


  64. Kel


    24 dagen geleden

    at least the battery is good

    • Chunkey Monkey

      Chunkey Monkey

      22 dagen geleden

      Yeah unlike last year’s iPhone 12 pro max what is a even as good as the 11 pro max hours of battery life

  65. Harsh Verma

    Harsh Verma

    24 dagen geleden

    What is the outro song name?

    • Ali Eldremy

      Ali Eldremy

      23 dagen geleden

      Its actually a song jack made.

  66. dogeymon83


    24 dagen geleden

    This skit was kinda phoned in. You couldn’t blue screen yourself on a stage?



    24 dagen geleden

    1:09 - um... Samsung Z Fold 256 gb = 2865 CAD $ = Iphone 13 256 gb = 1239 CAD $. Buy 2 Iphones for 2478$ - u get 387$ back, can multitask. You can even split the 2 phones into 2 phones for 2 people to use! You were witty and funny back in the days Jack. Now, you're just an old nerd who never evolved and thinks you're still smarter than others.



    24 dagen geleden

    Everytime someone makes fun of the notch - I always wonder if they don't understand or forget that there is notch because Iphone is the only phone that has Infrared camera (TrueDepth IR Camera). Either way, whenever they bring up that argument, to me, they lack intelligence.

  69. BroAnarchy


    24 dagen geleden

    OR SHOULD I SAY.... _"NOTCH... *EXISTENT*"_ lol i love that you always mention the Notch, and love even more that Apple will have it forever and ever while every one else moved on already

  70. Bardhok Ndoji

    Bardhok Ndoji

    24 dagen geleden


  71. Pizza


    24 dagen geleden

    ProMotion 120hz adaptive display, smaller notch, better battery, better camera, generic design, no headphone jack :(

  72. nico serup

    nico serup

    24 dagen geleden

    loved it

  73. Secto Kia

    Secto Kia

    24 dagen geleden

    And yet this video tells you everything you need to know without having to watch 20 minutes reviews.

  74. disturbance03


    25 dagen geleden

    I mean who told iPhone to have what android have

  75. OneEpicAd


    25 dagen geleden

    I've been an iPhone user for a while now, i liked this video lol

  76. Ryan West

    Ryan West

    25 dagen geleden

    I don’t watch the Apple Keynotes. I watch Jacksfilms.

  77. Jet Klaatu

    Jet Klaatu

    25 dagen geleden

    I've had iPhones since the 4th and liked most the upgrades but since the 10th version, it's been SHIT! No real reason to upgrade ffs. Disappointing.

  78. Alec Travis-Daugherty

    Alec Travis-Daugherty

    25 dagen geleden

    I only want to see iphone updates from Jack. Thank you!

  79. Николай Цион

    Николай Цион

    25 dagen geleden

    It was very funny :)

  80. The Stitch Guy

    The Stitch Guy

    26 dagen geleden

    Sam time would be proud

  81. Thomas Kennison

    Thomas Kennison

    26 dagen geleden


  82. Mad-Cyantist


    26 dagen geleden

    Apple™ Designed for Tards.

  83. ー

    26 dagen geleden

    Android shill

  84. David Vogler

    David Vogler

    26 dagen geleden

    Funny! Brilliant. (And sadly kinda true.)

  85. meodsvideos


    26 dagen geleden

    sussy baka

  86. WindowsOS-exe stopped working

    WindowsOS-exe stopped working

    27 dagen geleden

    funny, but i feel like this was low effort compared to his normal iphone parody standard. im disappointed, jack. these parodies are what i know and love your channel for!

    • Jack


      24 dagen geleden

      @Somerandomgameplay I mean u are not wrong

    • Somerandomgameplay


      25 dagen geleden

      low effort just like the iphone 13

    • Jack


      26 dagen geleden

      I agree

  87. Damjan Music

    Damjan Music

    27 dagen geleden


  88. Tami Romero

    Tami Romero

    27 dagen geleden

    As an android user, this AOD of mine is mega poggers

  89. Random Travel Instinct

    Random Travel Instinct

    27 dagen geleden

    Haha. That was funny



    27 dagen geleden

    Your iPhone parodies have the greatest continuity on NLid

  91. The Green Leaf

    The Green Leaf

    27 dagen geleden

    And people would still buy it anyway

  92. Mohammed Al-Mosawi

    Mohammed Al-Mosawi

    27 dagen geleden

    Just look at the samsung poor design and aesthetics. Irreversable crease on the screen and the edges of screen are discolouring with dust accumulating at the sides @1:16 . Looks like a cheap toy.

    • Ethan Morgan

      Ethan Morgan

      21 dag geleden

      i think you forget there are phone companies besides apple, google and Samsung.

    • Jack


      26 dagen geleden

      @Sam Yeah they are just adding things than android phones already have

    • Sam


      26 dagen geleden

      1. you can literally blow the dust off....its dust 2. The galaxy folds design is still experimental, i dont see Apple trying new things.

    • Jack


      27 dagen geleden

      yea but they are better than an iphone

  93. William Bravo

    William Bravo

    27 dagen geleden

    FAVE: Retro-room echo. Body-mics are for nerds. The iPh0ñê Fīrtëëń (sold mostly in Norff England) has a slide bar that lets YOU set echo level from anechoic chamber to Baby Jessica, a simulated dry well shaft.

  94. PHANTASM_57


    27 dagen geleden

    Android Market: Foldable phones, Gaming Phones, (experimental) Wrap Around Displays, etc... meanwhile iPhone: *We've done the most innovative thing!!! SMALLER NOTCH!!!!!!*

    • Caber Knight

      Caber Knight

      26 dagen geleden

      *slightly smaller notch

    • Jack


      26 dagen geleden

      @yuan iOS Yeah theres no games on android that need much power.

    • yuan iOS

      yuan iOS

      26 dagen geleden

      @PHANTASM_57 the diferents between a normal PC and a gaming PC is huge if you want to, play any recent AAA game you will need a gaming pc if you don't want 3 fps the difference with a flagship phone and a gaming phone is slim for sure they might add some fan which you can legit buy online or some bs trigger or more hz even tho I never seen a popular mobile game with more then 120hz, my 2016 iPad Pro can legit handle most mobile game with capped fps obviously it only have 60hz but its a 5 year old device, good luck playing a brand new AAA game with a 5year old pc/gaming pc, a flagship phone will most likely do the exact same thing as a gaming phone

    • PHANTASM_57


      26 dagen geleden

      @yuan iOS ROG 3? ROG 5? Lenovo Legion Duel 2? Black Shark 4?

    • Jack


      27 dagen geleden

      @yuan iOS I agree

  95. Blarnix


    28 dagen geleden

    My boy literally made it into the news.

  96. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow

    28 dagen geleden

    Are people still buying apple products?

  97. Alexandre


    28 dagen geleden

    Any new case announcement?

  98. Irakli008


    28 dagen geleden

    The question still remains Will I ever ever ever play that game? Just once?

  99. ScriptKittyPaul


    28 dagen geleden

    Tim Cook: My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day has been ruined.

  100. fun dude

    fun dude

    28 dagen geleden

    Shut up intern 2