Only furries can watch this. (YIAY

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In today's YIAY, I asked you the most important question: What's your fursona?! And fair warning - this one's just for us furries. Sorry, scrubs. No normies allowed. Get your paws off this sopping wet, furry, panting episode.

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  1. jacksfilms


    27 dagen geleden

    Take 20% off your SimpliSafe security system AND your first month is free when you sign up for the Interactive Monitoring service. Visit to learn more!

    • Duck


      24 dagen geleden


    • hoseja


      24 dagen geleden

      Why would you voluntarily install police surveillance in your own home.

    • MissMilyn


      25 dagen geleden

      I love the dog commercials.

    • Smnio chompcrafter

      Smnio chompcrafter

      26 dagen geleden

      The hell is the YIAYRG?

    • Kiwisark


      26 dagen geleden

      I guess ring didn't work out so well

  2. well f*ck

    well f*ck

    17 uur geleden

    This was last year

  3. TheAdvertisement


    Dag geleden

    0:23 "Even though he's like half a man?" Jack never fails the self-deprecating jokes lmao.

  4. Lolotov Mocktale

    Lolotov Mocktale

    2 dagen geleden

    Your stupid dog's got me laughing about my non-existant Mother In-Law

  5. CyMorgue


    4 dagen geleden

    5:57 what scp is this

  6. thussi thuss

    thussi thuss

    7 dagen geleden

    Best ad ever

  7. Inverted_Paradox


    9 dagen geleden

    the video wont play wtf

  8. Buckets of Birds

    Buckets of Birds

    9 dagen geleden

    4:33 ah yea, with other contenders being Egypt And uhhhhhhh

  9. GameDerpSonny


    9 dagen geleden

    what consistency do you think donkey kong is?

  10. Honey bunches

    Honey bunches

    10 dagen geleden

    i put off watching this for like two weeks cause "i'm nOt a FurrY"

  11. robblequoffle


    10 dagen geleden

    Only your mother-in-law can watch this

  12. Elijah Swanner

    Elijah Swanner

    10 dagen geleden

    I live near the bass pro shop pyramid. It's great when everyone makes their journey to mecca on the first day of deer season. Tailgates as far as the eye can see.

  13. Sam De Branco

    Sam De Branco

    10 dagen geleden

    furry and disgusting

  14. I lick toes

    I lick toes

    10 dagen geleden

    There are the only spocers o can waach

  15. Ellen Welander

    Ellen Welander

    11 dagen geleden

    Chip is a boomer confirmed

  16. maxizredder


    11 dagen geleden

    I have successfully infiltrated the furry base, but now they are talking in a weird language that i dont understand, in need of help immediately

  17. Instant Cake

    Instant Cake

    13 dagen geleden


  18. OxfordTheCoyote


    14 dagen geleden

    awooooo! i am able to watch this video

  19. Mark, The Fox

    Mark, The Fox

    16 dagen geleden

    I Am Hungry!

  20. Robert Francis

    Robert Francis

    17 dagen geleden

    Swap it for a crack pipe

  21. James Rogers

    James Rogers

    17 dagen geleden

    I saw the Bass Pro Shop pyramid when visiting Memphis to hear Fleet Foxes play. It was hilarious to see it gleaming absurdly out of the night. My friends and I were laughing. We said “That must be where the Bass Pro lives!” It’s a good memory, but when I think about that place now I feel a little bitter and sad that all that all the effort it takes to build a gigantic glass pyramid was expended just to sell some stuff. It’s as perverse as Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in its own way.

  22. Dedi Dedi

    Dedi Dedi

    17 dagen geleden

    youtube decided not to recomend this video?

  23. That's Mama Luigi to You

    That's Mama Luigi to You

    18 dagen geleden

    7:12 Jack what the fuck just happened

  24. TheSilentType


    19 dagen geleden


  25. Curly Top Records

    Curly Top Records

    19 dagen geleden

    I live 5 minutes away for the bass pro shop pyramid, can confirm it's the boss of fur suits

  26. Flower


    19 dagen geleden

    I feel like all Jacksfilms fans slowly become furries

  27. Stevo the Human

    Stevo the Human

    19 dagen geleden

    #YIAYGarf It's meth in that pipe.

  28. HappyConstructor


    20 dagen geleden

    #YIAYgarf “Now where could there be the pipe if you pipe in could my be and of pipe out the be” “Glarfield!”

  29. Pluto


    20 dagen geleden

    Don’t mind if I do

  30. meme25 :D

    meme25 :D

    20 dagen geleden

    I like how Jack makes even the sponsored segments funny.

  31. Trench 666

    Trench 666

    20 dagen geleden

    only a coward would leave out the real answers

  32. Garnet


    20 dagen geleden

    5:01 tee hee

  33. Peter Bake

    Peter Bake

    21 dag geleden


  34. GeekJokes


    21 dag geleden

    jack is starting to learn with erik to make watchable ads the first minute was terrible, but then chip started being a little shit and suddenly i was laughing

  35. Ukii


    21 dag geleden

    #YIAYgarf . ? !

  36. Shane Driscoll

    Shane Driscoll

    21 dag geleden

    The ad was actually entertaining

  37. astronights


    21 dag geleden

    ring broke up with jack i see

  38. anx


    21 dag geleden


  39. michaelflash69


    21 dag geleden

    My one is sonic from that gif. You know the one.

  40. Jacob Cabrera

    Jacob Cabrera

    22 dagen geleden

    Three dogs on a couch are the real team moderators Jack hired

  41. Daniel Meltzer

    Daniel Meltzer

    22 dagen geleden

    #YIAYgarf replace the Pipe with a Kazoo

  42. Matija S

    Matija S

    22 dagen geleden

    1:56 the video beggins here

  43. kekw


    22 dagen geleden

    if i can scroll 10 times in the new section, without seeing a furry, i'll be a happy man update: i am now depressed

  44. Noah Decker

    Noah Decker

    22 dagen geleden

    i dont think anything has aged jack more than him not knowing what the bass pro shop pyramid is

  45. neo.


    23 dagen geleden

    im not a furry but i watched this yiay ep

  46. Debt


    23 dagen geleden

    ok y'all got some explaining to do

  47. Joe Bartley

    Joe Bartley

    23 dagen geleden

    Jon: “now where did I leave my distinguished gentlemanly fur suit at?” “Oh heavens me”

  48. KRUSH


    23 dagen geleden

    #YIAYgarf Have it end on the second panel

  49. Super Duper

    Super Duper

    23 dagen geleden


  50. Candy_lynn and Things

    Candy_lynn and Things

    23 dagen geleden

    *Accidentally clicks on video after reading title* “NOOOOOOoooUwU…”

  51. kekw


    23 dagen geleden


  52. bynezal


    23 dagen geleden

    7:16 what is this

  53. Pınar TAŞ

    Pınar TAŞ

    23 dagen geleden

    Someone just make the last panel say "garfild" instead of garfield

  54. 0ptik


    24 dagen geleden

    Wait no please I misclicked spare me

    • 0ptik


      22 dagen geleden


    • Cat'O'Tim


      23 dagen geleden

      ye furry now

    • kekw


      23 dagen geleden

      same :(

  55. Lantern_Light


    24 dagen geleden

    For once, following the rules

  56. Cookiewolf9


    24 dagen geleden

    Eh, not enough chipwich yiff (s/) Jack learning about the bass pro shops pyramid was great though

  57. Cookiewolf9


    24 dagen geleden

    Honestly kinda sad we didn’t actually see too many fursonas, even joke ones. This kinda just felt like “what’s your spirit object?” Eh, whatever, don’t get mad in the replies and don’t forget your hazmat suit going in.

  58. smileyface tha musician

    smileyface tha musician

    24 dagen geleden

    Jacksfilms and Danny Gonzalez are the only people whose ads I watch

    • Ode


      24 dagen geleden

      @smileyface tha musician i recommend his videos on dashcon, rainfurest, and the video on one of the fallout games (i can't remember the title). it's really entertaining.

    • smileyface tha musician

      smileyface tha musician

      24 dagen geleden

      @Ode never watched them I’ll have to check it out

    • Ode


      24 dagen geleden

      what about internet historian?

  59. intentional disaster

    intentional disaster

    24 dagen geleden

    I'm the world's worst for drinking like, 2/3rds of a bottle of water then setting it down and never touching it again. I would rather open a new bottle than just drink the rest apparently

  60. SacredYinZekrom


    24 dagen geleden

    0:58 So I know how to disable Jack's security system now, cool. Literally just Pull it off the wall it's supposed to come off.

  61. ᴊᴜʟɪᴏ


    24 dagen geleden

    A lighter attached to 1000 M80s. That's my affront to your God.

  62. カイリス we are not Japanese

    カイリス we are not Japanese

    24 dagen geleden

    Instead of going “YEE-ikes!”, go “YIAYkes!”.

  63. AppleTree


    24 dagen geleden

    Jack now only supports simplysafe😔😔😔 R.I.P Ring starter pack doorbell 💀💀😔😔

  64. ElleComics


    24 dagen geleden

    7:15 hmmmmmm, yes!

  65. SkulfJud


    24 dagen geleden

    Jack: "Only furries can watch this." Me: Surely he watched his video before posting? Also Me: Wait, WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED!!!???

  66. AsrielTheCuber


    24 dagen geleden

    7:15 outro broke a little

  67. Splashhh


    24 dagen geleden

    the thing is i actually am a furry and i love this

  68. Logan McClain

    Logan McClain

    24 dagen geleden

    Almost 2 minutes of ad. Why

  69. MinaSchokolade


    25 dagen geleden

    Your sponsors need to give you a shitton of money. You're like the only youtuber where i watch them for the entertainment value - for all others i skip through. So yeah. I wish you'd still do parodys...

  70. Jordan Brown

    Jordan Brown

    25 dagen geleden

    I love how almost half of this video is an ad for Simplisafe.

  71. NameName2


    25 dagen geleden

    File exempt on your federal taxes.

  72. Ten_ Plates

    Ten_ Plates

    25 dagen geleden

    But I'm not a furry

  73. BillGator


    25 dagen geleden

    is anybody else having this glitch? the screen is black. any help?

  74. Cypher


    25 dagen geleden

    Well you said only we could watch it so, I’m here.

    • LeightonPlayz


      22 dagen geleden


  75. XZ


    25 dagen geleden

    i'm not a furry and i watch this, guess the girls are hitting up my number now

  76. John Smith

    John Smith

    25 dagen geleden

    Make it so they end up fucking in the end

  77. Drew Lester-Nieves

    Drew Lester-Nieves

    25 dagen geleden

    Your sponsorship ads are the only ones I dont skip

  78. zOOpygOOpert


    25 dagen geleden

    Glad I can watch this UWU

  79. Qaos System

    Qaos System

    25 dagen geleden

    #YIAYgarf No, you can't, the Garfield comics are beyond fixing.

  80. to_maks


    25 dagen geleden

    Barney i przyjaciele Roman Polański

  81. Bradley Groot

    Bradley Groot

    25 dagen geleden

    I am allowed to legally watch this

  82. KC Sutherland

    KC Sutherland

    25 dagen geleden

    I put Watchers in B on the survey because I really do feel it'll be weak in the wrong campaign. The spells are mostly niche at lower levels, and most of the time if you're not fighting the right enemies, you're just a Paladin with an AoE bonus to Initiative. Didn't stack up to the A-tier in my mind.

  83. anya v

    anya v

    25 dagen geleden

    is jack cheating on ring

  84. Cassandra


    25 dagen geleden

    but it is funny... :/

  85. Probes E Minor

    Probes E Minor

    25 dagen geleden


  86. Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams

    25 dagen geleden

    I live in Tennessee and we used to take school trips to the pyramid ...

  87. Hudson Delver

    Hudson Delver

    25 dagen geleden

    I live right next to and have been inside the bass proshops pyramid and its kinda epic gamers

  88. Cole Fitzpatrick

    Cole Fitzpatrick

    25 dagen geleden

    #YIAYgarf No.

  89. Pink man

    Pink man

    25 dagen geleden

    #YIAYgarf replace Garfield with an orange fursuit with no one in it so it’s just flat on the ground

  90. Jackson B

    Jackson B

    25 dagen geleden

    Jack’s the only youtuber whose sponsorships I’ll actually watch bc he makes them funny

  91. saintsfish


    25 dagen geleden

    As someone who lives in A town seriously called Guntown, MS. Asking to go to the Bass Pro Ship Pyramid was a reall thing, or just going to look….yeahhh

  92. C4NDYCatz


    25 dagen geleden

    #YIAYgarf who even uses pipes anymore its all about the e-cigarettes

  93. Kat Robinson

    Kat Robinson

    25 dagen geleden

    The outro was very jarring thank you

  94. Imagiknight


    25 dagen geleden

    As a furry, I love this video. Y'all are creative as hell, and I am here for it. Stay awesome, you legends.

    • Cat'O'Tim


      23 dagen geleden

      everyone's a furry now

  95. A


    25 dagen geleden

    there’s a video in your ad

  96. YESDuck


    25 dagen geleden

    the best thing is the high amount of furries who posted their actual fursona in the replies

  97. Tory Slapper

    Tory Slapper

    25 dagen geleden

    Bass pro shop pyramid scares the fuck out of me

  98. uselessusername212


    25 dagen geleden

    Imagine watching this oh wait

  99. titlehere


    25 dagen geleden

    Hmm where could my dad be Jaaaaaaaack

  100. pan banan

    pan banan

    25 dagen geleden

    6:33 wasn't expecting a roast of polish movies in a furry themed video but I'll take it