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  1. Atomicwinter 31

    Atomicwinter 31

    4 dagen geleden

    I mean, Alf literally says that HE MADE HATSUNE MIKU, LITERALLY HE SAYS THAT

  2. Cookie Montae

    Cookie Montae

    4 dagen geleden

    Him: “with castaways” Me: CASTAWAYS WE ARE CASTAWAYS AHOY THERE!

  3. SmellMoreGrapes


    4 dagen geleden

    Finally me having it all on DVD when I was six and knowing every episode is paying off.

  4. Märt Koppel

    Märt Koppel

    4 dagen geleden

    oh i tought my dad just named this wierd bigfoot looking guy alf but thats his name

  5. Grant Laughlin

    Grant Laughlin

    6 dagen geleden

    My first thought was that’s to dumb to be true that means it’s true

  6. Cookie Dough

    Cookie Dough

    7 dagen geleden

    I remember we changed channel networks and I tried to watch Alf. All I can remember is the opening and that’s literally it

  7. Doggo Froggo

    Doggo Froggo

    9 dagen geleden

    It happened

  8. Atreyu


    10 dagen geleden

    I watched every Alf episode when I was younger cause my mum loved them and as soon as I heard gilligan all the memories cake flooding in

  9. SilverLily


    11 dagen geleden

    Picked the one and only ALF episode I knew 😂

  10. PrididyOfficialRoblox


    14 dagen geleden

    Anybody know Erin just drank too much wine

  11. fizdog


    17 dagen geleden

    Oh man me and my grandfather used to watch alf together when I was little. One of my favorite memories of him!

  12. Tte0r0r


    19 dagen geleden

    Alf is funny asf

  13. _ Schmeaty _

    _ Schmeaty _

    20 dagen geleden

    I knew it

  14. Thecrazeecow


    22 dagen geleden

    I instantly remembered that episode

  15. mutalix


    23 dagen geleden

    The laughter here is like when I'm looking at my bank account.

  16. Lasse Henriksen

    Lasse Henriksen

    24 dagen geleden

    Why does Erin laugh like a 70 year old hag

  17. Hacked


    24 dagen geleden


  18. Skar kitty

    Skar kitty

    25 dagen geleden

    her laugh is really cute c:

  19. Lorelei Hillard

    Lorelei Hillard

    25 dagen geleden

    I must have Dyslexia, bc I deadass thought they were going to talk about the Australian Football League (AFL), because of the Grand Final happening this weekend

  20. Zee Dause

    Zee Dause

    25 dagen geleden

    That’s a real alfa move.

  21. Duane Folscher

    Duane Folscher

    26 dagen geleden

    John, why does your Alf impression sound like Snagglepuss?

  22. Raybeats


    26 dagen geleden

    Just listened to the podcast for the first time and it is amazing made me laugh so fast

  23. Seve


    26 dagen geleden

    Who else got an ad for ALFI

  24. Mega Energon

    Mega Energon

    26 dagen geleden

    Haha. I still watch alf.

  25. New York Nole

    New York Nole

    26 dagen geleden

    Gilligans island might have been in the 60s but Alf was in the 80s. Tge difference between when Alf and Gilligans Island aired was the same as FRIENDS and Modern Family.

  26. Sushi Bar Of Dreams

    Sushi Bar Of Dreams

    26 dagen geleden

    Was my favorite episode

  27. wii


    26 dagen geleden

    no you're not allowed to call it ALFisode

  28. Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams

    26 dagen geleden

    I've never seen Alf, I've only seen it in like ads for old TV and that creeped me out so bad as a kid....

  29. GMarce PR

    GMarce PR

    27 dagen geleden

    Hearing Erin laugh is just *pure bliss* i love her, watch out Jack

  30. Channel of Random

    Channel of Random

    27 dagen geleden

    Is it an anime: man frozen in iceberg realizes he has to save the world

  31. Dan Frederiksen

    Dan Frederiksen

    27 dagen geleden

    Alf? how old are you two? :)

  32. moogle


    27 dagen geleden

    am i the only one who LOVES the theme for this podcast??

  33. fun dude

    fun dude

    27 dagen geleden

    Shut Up Intern 2



    27 dagen geleden

    The podcast is exactly what we all wanted it's so good

  35. ramona's shit show

    ramona's shit show

    27 dagen geleden

    this is the first episode of ur podcast i watched, its cool but nothing will beat Alf

  36. Coffee Cake

    Coffee Cake

    27 dagen geleden

    Your shorts channel should be named JackFiml

  37. Jie Sheng Chu

    Jie Sheng Chu

    27 dagen geleden


  38. Wolf with Laces

    Wolf with Laces

    27 dagen geleden

    I'm starting to realize how everything is wacky to Jack. The new generation stuff, current generation stuff,past generation stuff. He is either the epitome of "normal" or a personification of a limbo Jack: *laughs* "humans" *laughs some more from trying to read the script* "they made these 'carts' and they had them drawn by HORSES!" *bursts into laughter* "but waitwaitwait it gets worse, they then replaced the horses and put an exploding device inside and a fifth wheel inside where the passengers are" *is barely able to breath*

  39. Sicanda


    27 dagen geleden

    The weirdest thing about that episode was that the people on the island watched "The Tanners" on TV. Basically ALF minus Alf and all the jokes. And they loved it. :D

  40. Raisu


    27 dagen geleden

    This convinced me to finally give the podcast a try. I regret it. I WILL be suing, thank you. Jk, it's pretty funny, good job both of you!

  41. Megabobster


    27 dagen geleden

    Put your podcast on NLid

  42. Jolf


    27 dagen geleden

    My legal name is alf

  43. Itay ELDAD

    Itay ELDAD

    27 dagen geleden

    Alf is back (In jacksfilms form)

  44. Jan.K


    27 dagen geleden

    Alf is such a good TV show.

  45. Michael Dowdney

    Michael Dowdney

    27 dagen geleden

    I’ve known who Alf is for a while but I’ve never seen any episodes or clips and I never want to because I like that Jack’s alf voice could be spot on or terrible

  46. MegaGermanShepherds


    27 dagen geleden

    I don’t know much but my sister had me watching like possibly half the series of ALF when I was either a child or preteen. That was also along with Big Bang Theory! Though never thought an ALF episode would end up here!

  47. Ernests Lacis

    Ernests Lacis

    27 dagen geleden

    in this episode on yourhammer or lorehammer

  48. MrSt33ley


    27 dagen geleden

    Why is she like cackling laughing? it wasn't even funny?

    • b3z3jm3nny


      27 dagen geleden

      They record their podcasts drunk

  49. Maaz Maaz

    Maaz Maaz

    27 dagen geleden

    Jack, could you please upload this podcast to a second NLid channel? All the cool pods are doing it.

  50. josiah O'Neill

    josiah O'Neill

    27 dagen geleden

    This podcast seems kinda fun, but also I really hate everything about Jakesfilms so I’m not going to watch it.

  51. Sơn Lê

    Sơn Lê

    28 dagen geleden

    Ew, podcast

  52. east creek

    east creek

    28 dagen geleden

    I love erins laugh so much

  53. johnny coolstar / coolyoin

    johnny coolstar / coolyoin

    28 dagen geleden

    jacksfilms hasn’t changed and i love it

  54. de brebeuf

    de brebeuf

    28 dagen geleden

    i only had the first 2 seasons, never saw this

  55. Carter B.

    Carter B.

    28 dagen geleden

    Your guys’ podcast is so funny

  56. Ally Fiorido

    Ally Fiorido

    28 dagen geleden

    John, sorry to make you feel old but no way in hell are your listeners gonna know Gilligan's island. I only knew them as a 23 y.o. because my dad was a stan and forced me to watch it with him.

  57. Dive King Fan

    Dive King Fan

    28 dagen geleden

    this alf episode has a top tier freakout from max wright as willie i highly recommend it’s season 2 episode 2 (one of the only episodes in which only the syndicated cut remains meaning there’s about 2 minutes of lost footage)

  58. SchwartzCenter


    28 dagen geleden

    You’re both so annoying to listen to

  59. Too Vertical

    Too Vertical

    28 dagen geleden

    I really like these visual snippets and I would totally watch a whole episode edited like this

  60. Fun


    28 dagen geleden

    10 out of 10 almost gotten in to an accident.

  61. Eric Amundson

    Eric Amundson

    28 dagen geleden

    Anyone else get an ad for something called “Alfi” on this video? I’m scared

  62. DmitriSolomon


    28 dagen geleden

    You know it'll be good if Erin just laughs right away.

  63. Lord Cantalo

    Lord Cantalo

    28 dagen geleden

    That one was too easy.

  64. best playlists

    best playlists

    28 dagen geleden

    As an alf fan actually-

  65. FreezeFun


    28 dagen geleden


  66. BuzzsomeRemy


    28 dagen geleden

    I thought yes to this I remember that episode

  67. Echo Loco

    Echo Loco

    28 dagen geleden

    This has become one of my favorite podcasts. you guys have such great chemistry! keep it up!

  68. Jack Jack

    Jack Jack

    28 dagen geleden

    I loved Alf. That’s show was so fucking comedic. You have got to watch one before making fun of it, Jack. Gilligans Island episode was hilarious

  69. AniShia


    28 dagen geleden

    Goddammit, I don't want to listen to your podcast, Jack. But it just seems so delightful 😠

  70. Sophia the 1st

    Sophia the 1st

    28 dagen geleden

    oh my god jack please upload the aries horoscope from tweenage trivia

  71. RaQ 1600

    RaQ 1600

    28 dagen geleden

    0/10 no horoscope

  72. M'lady man

    M'lady man

    28 dagen geleden

    I'd love more of these short clips from the podcast posted here since I don't have the attention span for full length podcasts

  73. ljack6468


    28 dagen geleden

    I can remember watching an episode of Alf at night on my grandparent's couch and I feel like that memory shouldn't fit in the time period I've been alive in.

  74. die die

    die die

    28 dagen geleden

    I'm pretty sure I watched the Gilligan's island episode Great episode

  75. Matheus Carpes

    Matheus Carpes

    28 dagen geleden

    Ok, you convinced me, i'm checking the podcast

  76. Rosie Rascal

    Rosie Rascal

    28 dagen geleden

    I tied with Eren in the end. I wish I won

  77. SaintOh


    28 dagen geleden

    content-aware scaled Erin will never not make me laugh

  78. Delusional-Shadow


    28 dagen geleden

    Jack, you should make more of these podcast highlights as shorts 😂

  79. dcbandnerd


    28 dagen geleden

    "They were all dead..." Erin. C'mon. They weren't *that* old when Gilligan's Island started. Killin' me here!

  80. Rarapas


    28 dagen geleden

    LMAO I remember that episode GAWD Xennialssss

  81. Erin Last Name Redacted

    Erin Last Name Redacted

    28 dagen geleden

    I love her laugh.

  82. James Smith

    James Smith

    28 dagen geleden


  83. Ben Weaver

    Ben Weaver

    28 dagen geleden

    I got an alfi ad on this

  84. Keira Salmon

    Keira Salmon

    28 dagen geleden


  85. My Nugget Hurts

    My Nugget Hurts

    28 dagen geleden

    Jacksfilms fell off not funny

  86. Connor Langkopf

    Connor Langkopf

    28 dagen geleden

    All the clips of your podcast that you post on NLid are absolutely hilarious, but for some reason, I just can't get into the actual full-length podcast. Maybe it's the fact that the podcast itself is only audio, but the youtube clips provide visual stimulation.

  87. Yostinator


    28 dagen geleden

    Oh you’re not an alpha male. I’m an alf male

  88. Sexy_ Tea_Party

    Sexy_ Tea_Party

    28 dagen geleden

    As soon as I heard the synopsis I knew that was a real episode. Wtf, I didn't realize I apparently absorbed Alf info from my grandparents at such a early age. From what I remember I didn't even like Alf. I watched Gilligan's Island and I was really into Beverly Hillbillies and the Brady bunch but I really didn't like Alf. How did this happen?

  89. thetruesora


    28 dagen geleden

    remember Alf!? he's back! in podcast form!

  90. joe clark

    joe clark

    28 dagen geleden

    All this time I've been thinking Alf was some cute hand puppet alien but he's a big fuckin creepy bastard

  91. Artur Tomasz

    Artur Tomasz

    28 dagen geleden

    I don't recommended listening this podcast while walking around in public. People are looking strangely at me when I'm laughing out loud xD.

  92. cloudsRniceC0M3


    28 dagen geleden

    Top tier podcast... If you know alf that is

  93. Alexander Vallecillo

    Alexander Vallecillo

    28 dagen geleden

    HOLY SHIT I’M MAGIC.I made a joke about ALF today and then I saw one of your videos and It was talking about alf and then now It was the final boss yiay

  94. Chad B.

    Chad B.

    28 dagen geleden

    Even before he said it I knew it was gonna be the Gilligan's Island episode, it's just too bonkers.

  95. Juiceten


    28 dagen geleden

    Wait, is this an ad for his podcast?

  96. u4m


    28 dagen geleden

    Thos game sounds incredible. Might actually have to listen to your cast now

  97. Mntdewmania


    28 dagen geleden

    I remember that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Chris J. Films

    Chris J. Films

    28 dagen geleden

    That’s such a good episode

  99. hominybot


    28 dagen geleden

    Gilligan’s island also crossed over with bay watch if you can believe it

  100. OlSamTheMemeGOD Bicyclechin

    OlSamTheMemeGOD Bicyclechin

    28 dagen geleden

    okay but can we all agree that alf is based asf ???