Chris "Mario" Pratt


  1. PSCuber77 gaming

    PSCuber77 gaming

    14 uur geleden


  2. Scareqro


    2 dagen geleden

    He’s so cool

  3. Gary Ash

    Gary Ash

    3 dagen geleden


  4. HackCreep16


    4 dagen geleden

    That "meow" broke me.

  5. Zimbabweball


    5 dagen geleden

    Ah yes, the nefarious browser.

  6. Hodd Toward

    Hodd Toward

    5 dagen geleden

    ah yes, my favorite mario quote " *meow* "

  7. Mikal Lyngbø

    Mikal Lyngbø

    5 dagen geleden

    That annoying orange style takes me back

  8. Joel Lopez

    Joel Lopez

    5 dagen geleden

    Wtf bro?

  9. no


    6 dagen geleden


  10. zezarman


    6 dagen geleden

    You don't want to know what the history of the nefarious browser

  11. Not Impostor

    Not Impostor

    6 dagen geleden

    Yes, please help peach because she's been r34 for too long.

  12. Lunurrr


    7 dagen geleden

    From the nefarious bRowser

  13. Flavinho gameplay

    Flavinho gameplay

    7 dagen geleden


  14. grumm_


    8 dagen geleden

    that "meow" hit different

  15. the BosnianShow

    the BosnianShow

    8 dagen geleden

    Spaghetti and meatballs is an american dish. YOU HAD ONE JOB.

  16. Gergő M.

    Gergő M.

    8 dagen geleden

    0:05 Ah yes, Browser

  17. Miraculous Fan

    Miraculous Fan

    9 dagen geleden

    Uhhh… meow?

  18. I like Donuts and NASCAR

    I like Donuts and NASCAR

    9 dagen geleden

    Yeah Chris! Let's go get Jack Black Browser!

  19. Roble Viejo

    Roble Viejo

    11 dagen geleden

    """"MIAOW""" 👀😩🤣

  20. GB


    13 dagen geleden

    haha garfield haha

  21. sousou


    13 dagen geleden

    that browser do be nefarious

  22. Potato


    14 dagen geleden

    He deserve to be mario, because "he's so cool"

  23. Fujiwaro nai Makou

    Fujiwaro nai Makou

    17 dagen geleden

    This is pretty much what we expect to happen, only with less movement, and more static jpegs moving.

  24. theSorecube


    17 dagen geleden


  25. ????? le ????

    ????? le ????

    18 dagen geleden

    Browser? Just disconnect the internet.

  26. Iva Eeek

    Iva Eeek

    18 dagen geleden

    uhhh meow

  27. global garbage

    global garbage

    18 dagen geleden


  28. clonest


    19 dagen geleden

    This is how I found Chris Pratt’s Mario

  29. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin

    19 dagen geleden

    his voice sounds so normal the subtitles got it 100% accurate

  30. BlankTank


    19 dagen geleden

    iTs pRoNoUnCeD mEriO!!!1!!1

  31. HipBro


    20 dagen geleden

    Can't wait to see Chris Pratt every time I search Mario Rule 34!

  32. ValiantGrumps


    20 dagen geleden

    ah yes, mario's signature catchphrase: "uh, meow"

  33. Liam Smith

    Liam Smith

    20 dagen geleden

    Not one mama mia. Im disappointed

  34. Dor Bacal

    Dor Bacal

    20 dagen geleden

    I've been listening this for like 40 minutes straight. It's me, Mario, and I love lasagna! Time to collect some coins and save the princess from the nefarious Browser. But not before I finish this plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Uhhh, MEoW!!. Again and again.

  35. Ken


    20 dagen geleden

    He is so cool

  36. BySearixX


    21 dag geleden

    I dont get it

    • the_real_lord_ddd


      20 dagen geleden

      Chris pratt will voices mario at the upcoming mario movie

  37. Corrado


    21 dag geleden

    I don’t get it.

  38. RB


    21 dag geleden

    "B R O W S E R"

  39. CrAzY jAcK

    CrAzY jAcK

    21 dag geleden

    Uh meow? *gets shot*

  40. bruh moment

    bruh moment

    21 dag geleden

    *"the nefarious browser"*

  41. gibsongrrls


    21 dag geleden

    mama mia luigi i hate gay people

  42. Mr Sojka

    Mr Sojka

    21 dag geleden

    "nefarious browser" lol

  43. Death the Kid

    Death the Kid

    21 dag geleden

    I dont wanna sound Rude but, Chris doesnt fit to be Mario, He can Be Star Lord, He can Be Owen Grady (Jurassic World), He can be Whatever he wants, But An Italian Plumber that is Shorter than his Little Brother is not Up on his Alleyway

  44. Marcus Montanez

    Marcus Montanez

    21 dag geleden

    Jacksfilms, I’ve been a subscriber for over 10 years and I truly truly think it’s time to move on lol. This meta humor is eh

  45. Zack™️


    21 dag geleden

    If Chris Pratt as Mario doesn’t make out with Ben Schwartz as sonic I ain’t watching it

  46. AC1D


    21 dag geleden


  47. Vozify_clix


    21 dag geleden

    Ayo your gay sus

  48. Dorbellprod


    22 dagen geleden

    A friend I had when I was a little kid legit called Bowser Browser

  49. Fábio Dias

    Fábio Dias

    22 dagen geleden

    I hadnt seen the nintendo announcement the first time i saw this and just thought jack finally broke down

  50. bryce trosper

    bryce trosper

    22 dagen geleden

    I have a feeling that the new Mario movie will turn out like the sonic movie it really has no plot it’s just a cop with a 3 foot blue hedgehog that can run fast (I never thought I would ever have to say that in my life)

  51. ReddZArtz


    22 dagen geleden

    Uhhh meow

  52. Pix


    22 dagen geleden


  53. HolyFlare484


    22 dagen geleden

    Faked. He didn't say Jack Black

  54. Professor Quinsonsnib

    Professor Quinsonsnib

    22 dagen geleden

    the GIGGLE

  55. potatohead


    22 dagen geleden

    Uh oh! Chris Pratt is clearly mixing up Mario with Scooby-Doo! This movie is doomed!

  56. James Smith

    James Smith

    22 dagen geleden


  57. servvo1


    22 dagen geleden

    jack, please call me. your father and i are very worried about you

  58. Jean


    22 dagen geleden

    I mean, the original voice was always a non-italian guy, so is not like there will be too much of a difference .

  59. Jizz


    22 dagen geleden

    Crisp Rat

  60. NativeLuigi


    22 dagen geleden

    had me questioning why jacksfilms isnt playing as mario

  61. Nineteen The Weird Alien Number Thing

    Nineteen The Weird Alien Number Thing

    22 dagen geleden

    crisp rat

  62. Mumbo45


    22 dagen geleden


  63. UsedColouringBook


    22 dagen geleden

    I'm getting huge Luigi vibes from this.

  64. Ryan Schur

    Ryan Schur

    22 dagen geleden

    They should get Elon musk to play wario

  65. movie clips

    movie clips

    22 dagen geleden

    Spaghetti and meat balls are the devil in Italy nearly like pineapple on pizza even tho spaghetti are Italian and so are meat balls

  66. Silus stern -

    Silus stern -

    22 dagen geleden

    Bro just said browser💀

  67. Emo Peter Parker

    Emo Peter Parker

    22 dagen geleden

    0/10 not homophobic enough

  68. Rom929 gaming

    Rom929 gaming

    22 dagen geleden

    Balls 🏀

  69. deidara go boom

    deidara go boom

    22 dagen geleden

    Chrisp rat is Mario

  70. symphony_in_plaid


    22 dagen geleden

    ...oh my gosh these comments what did I miss 😂😂😂

  71. Nicolas Gutierrez

    Nicolas Gutierrez

    22 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: Italians don't usually eat meatballs spaghetti, they just eat them with sauce (Ragù)

  72. Josh Dalida

    Josh Dalida

    22 dagen geleden

    Jack you were included in limc's new video

  73. Aperson101


    22 dagen geleden

    Lmao Jack got this Cursed creation featured on a Lesson in meme culture ep lol

  74. Jm Raymundo

    Jm Raymundo

    22 dagen geleden

    He said "from the deficius browser" lol

  75. brootal meem

    brootal meem

    22 dagen geleden

    browser? lol

  76. BootyFlakes Productions

    BootyFlakes Productions

    22 dagen geleden

    Comment 700

  77. Emerald OreNaMint

    Emerald OreNaMint

    23 dagen geleden

    He didn't say that.

  78. Hendi Games

    Hendi Games

    23 dagen geleden

    Woah 666 comments😳 Edit: never mind some idiot commented

  79. jesus kinnie

    jesus kinnie

    23 dagen geleden

    they really went and made mario homophobic god damn

  80. Wuzzup129


    23 dagen geleden

    Glad to see Jack is having fun with this oddball casting.

  81. Super Idol

    Super Idol

    23 dagen geleden

    That's the most stereotypical American Mario i have ever seen.

  82. 𝔤𝔞𝔟𝔯𝔞𝔩


    23 dagen geleden

    100% accurate

  83. Unsupervised person

    Unsupervised person

    23 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait for jack black to play the nefarious browser

  84. Thecrazeecow


    23 dagen geleden


  85. roobeedoo


    23 dagen geleden

    uh.. meow

  86. The Smile Guy

    The Smile Guy

    23 dagen geleden

    JJJJJJJJJJJJJaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack this isn't YGS

  87. Tardersauce35


    23 dagen geleden

    Why is this, Jack?

  88. Michael Wonderly

    Michael Wonderly

    23 dagen geleden


  89. Barl0we


    23 dagen geleden

    I'm surprised you didn't have him pronounce it Merry-Oh :D

  90. Blox


    23 dagen geleden

    I love how his beard sorta blends with chris pratt's beard.

  91. MILO!


    23 dagen geleden

    uhh Meoww

  92. PenguinCuber


    23 dagen geleden

    That was ... hot

  93. James


    23 dagen geleden


  94. jack-tpg


    23 dagen geleden

    Uhh… Meow?

  95. Infamous Swoosh

    Infamous Swoosh

    23 dagen geleden

    please stop saying lasagna

  96. Shawn Hopkins

    Shawn Hopkins

    23 dagen geleden

    Uhh, Meow

  97. Joshua Rios-Noisycreature49

    Joshua Rios-Noisycreature49

    23 dagen geleden


  98. Nathanael Hicks

    Nathanael Hicks

    23 dagen geleden

    H E L L O M A R I O

  99. Depresun


    23 dagen geleden

    I will follow you into any battlefield

  100. Two Legzz

    Two Legzz

    23 dagen geleden

    I just want to know what they were on when they came to the conclusion that a SIX FOOT, LANKY ASS GUY LIKE KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY was the BEST FIT to CAST AS TOAD.